Midnight Madness

Plot hole: Never in the film do the police try to stop the teams from causing havoc. There is really no way Leon has that much influence in the game. In fact, the only authority figures who really try and stop them are the security guards at the Bonaventure Hotel.

Revealing mistake: When Laura tears the piece of paper with the LAX clue on it, you can see the paper crease so she will have a straight tear.

William Bergquist
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Leon: See you at the finish line... wherever that may be.

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Trivia: Mickey Mouse's presence is seen twice in the film - First as the supposed found clue by the White Team on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And second, in the background of the gift shop when Adam and Laura are talking. Midnight Madness is a Buena Vista (i.e. Disney) film. (00:27:15 - 01:13:05)

Benjamin Tiffany
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Question: What are the make and model for the vehicles each team uses?

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