Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, when the man carrying the glass slipper on a pillow is tripped, the glass slipper hits the floor and shatters. However the glass slippers don't break under Cinderella's body weight while she is walking around in them.

Correction: Many materials, including glass, can bear weight without breaking, yet will shatter when striking another hard surface at high speed. Not to mention the fact that they were magic slippers to begin with.


Corrected entry: After Cindy's fed the barn animals, we hear the three bells ringing, her stepsisters and stepmother want their breakfast. But we can also hear them yelling, clearly and loudly. If their rooms are on the top floor, and the bells are in the basement, why can we hear them?

Correction: We can only hear the stepsisters' voices, who are clearly defined as loud and obnoxious, their voices could have easily carried through the house above the chimes.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when the step family is introduced, Anastasia has red hair, however at her father's death Anastasia has brown hair. There is a distinct difference. (00:02:30)

Correction: Wigs were not uncommon in the times Cinderella seems to be set.

Corrected entry: The Stepmother locks Cinderella in her room and puts the key in a pocket that wasn't there before. Furthermore, after Gus and Jaq remove the key, the pocket disappears.

Correction: This could be because women's gowns way back often didn't have pockets in the actual outer layer of the skirt. Rather, there was a slit in the outer skirt, which lead to a pocket-like pouch build into the undergarments.

Corrected entry: Totally destroying the purpose and storyline to the film, and the book - everything disappears when it turns midnight although the shoe doesn't... Wasn't it all supposed to go away at midnight?

Correction: The fairy godmother saved it as a gift. She knew all along what would happen and that Cinderella and the Prince would live happily ever after. She's MAGIC.

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Corrected entry: At one part when she is dressed up in her gown for the ball or something, the top half of her dress goes see through for a split second.

Correction: I have looked for this mistake and not found it. If you have to pause and go frame-by-frame to see it then it's not a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: The dress that Cinderella wears downstairs (the one that gets destroyed) has a completely different neckline and sleeves than the one they show the mice sewing earlier.

Correction: Key line on sewing I think, they were changing it because it was a very old style, there's a cut between when we last see it when they're working on it and when we see it again, they presumably have time to work some more.

Corrected entry: When Cinderella is upset after getting her dress ruined by her sisters, she runs through the house crying. You can see a light appearing in each room. They light up in different rooms at the most 2 seconds apart from each other. If this was supposed to take place a long time ago, she would have had to use candles and a match. These lights looked as if she was turning on a lamp.

Correction: Not so. The film probably takes place before the introduction of electric lighting in the 1880's, but that does not mean she would have to use candles and a match. There were alternatives to candles. before the 1880s, such as whale oil (1780s), gas (1790s), burning fuels, such as camphene (1830s), and kerosene (1850s).

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Continuity mistake: As Cinderella descends the staircase after her wedding to The Prince, she is obviously wearing a long sleeved gown. When she waves through the window of the carriage, however, the gown is short sleeved.

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Jaq: Lucify. That's him. Meany, sneaky. Jump at you. Bite at you.

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Trivia: Many of the people who contributed to this movie (including Walt and Roy Disney) say that if this movie hadn't been as successful as it was, it's likely that Disney Studios would have gone bankrupt at the time.

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Answer: A cause of death was never revealed in the movie versions. In the Grimm fairy tale, the father left on a long business trip, but took ill and died during the journey.


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