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Continuity mistake: After they tear her dress before the ball, Stepmother gets into Cinderella's face and points her right finger at her, but in the next shot it's her left finger pointing up at Cinderella's face.

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Continuity mistake: When the fairy godmother changes Cinderella's shoes, there is a shot where you see Cinderella's bare legs and feet in the glass slippers and she then gets into the carriage. However, in a later scene where the Prince slips her glass slipper back on in the palace gardens, a shot shows her wearing tights, which the fairy godmother failed to provide her with.

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Plot hole: If everything changed back at midnight how come the shoes stayed?

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Suggested correction: It was only the things her Fairy Godmother changed into something different that changed back (the pumpkin, dress, etc). The glass slippers were "something new", as her Fairy Godmother stated, and thus don't turn back. Which is in line with Charles Perrault's version of the tale where the glass slippers don't change back.


Prince Charming: I have to see her again.

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Trivia: Although Hayley Atwell plays Lily James's mother, she is only seven years older than James in real life.

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