Cinderella (2015)

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Corrected entry: As Cinderella and the prince are leaving the home, her stepmother is standing on the staircase watching them. In the close-up there is a sconce with three candles on the wall to the stepmother's right. In the long shot the sconce and candles have vanished.

Correction: The second shot of Cinderella's stepmother is taken from beside the stairway - note the painting at the top of the stairs and the candle sconce at the bottom of the stairs, with three vertical rows of the wall's floral design between the painting and sconce. However, the first (and third) shot of Cinderella's stepmother is taken from the foyer - part of the stairway wall is blocked from view by the arched doorway, and viewers can only see two rows of the vertical floral design on the wall past the painting, so the sconce is just not visible from this angle.

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