Revealing mistake: The stepmother's arm disappears for a split second when she tells her daughters that there is still a chance for them to become the princess.

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Continuity mistake: As Cinderella descends the staircase after her wedding to The Prince, she is obviously wearing a long sleeved gown. When she waves through the window of the carriage, however, the gown is short sleeved.

Continuity mistake: When Cinderella enters her stepmother's room after the mouse under the teacup incident, she closes the door behind her. Her shadow is thrown on the door behind her, yet in the next shot, when she nears the bed, her shadow is shown distinctly on it.

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Other mistake: When the clock strikes 8 o clock, the 11 (XI) on the clock reads 12 (XII) in roman numerals. This is just in-between the scene with the mice making Cinderella's ball dress and the scene where the carriage arrives at the home to pick the stepmother and stepsisters up for the ball. (00:36:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Cinderella goes into the room to get the cat she is at the door in the hall way and opens it in one direction, the next scene shows the cat on a cushion with the light from the hallway going in the opposite direction.

Continuity mistake: When the stepmother is saying good night to Cinderella after the dress was destroyed, she has her hand on the door handle. The handle goes from pointing down to normal again in a single frame.

Audio problem: After Cinderella has run away from the Prince and everything goes back to normal, she discovers that the Fairy Godmother has left her with a single glass shoe. She then proceeds to thank the Fairy Godmother.she says "Thank you so much.for everything." When she says "for", her mouth doesn't move correctly.her mouth is supposed to close in order to say the beginning "f" part, but it remains open, so it looks like she's actually saying "hor" instead of "for".

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Continuity mistake: When Anastatia runs into the stepmother's room because of the mouse-under-the-teacup incident, she just shoves the door open without using the door handle. But when Cinderella goes in after her, she has to turn the handle.

Continuity mistake: Jaq has put three beads on Gus' tail. The shot cuts to Lucifer, then back to the mice where Jaq is again placing bead number three on Gus' tail. (00:36:25)


Revealing mistake: When Cinderella is about to be locked in her room by the stepmother Cinderella sees her in the mirror. The image in the mirror is a reverse image not a mirror image. The door is seen opening on the wrong side.

Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie, where Cindy opens the drapes outside of her stepsisters' bedrooms, you can see a slight stutter in her walk just as she reaches for the drapes. Looks like a camera mistake - the cels were out of sequence there.

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Continuity mistake: After throwing the bookends away, the King leans on the table and stares at the Duke. In the first shot the King's tummy lies on the table and his left hand grabs the left edge. A shot later he is half a meter away, standing by the table with both hands lying by his belly.


Continuity mistake: When the birds drop the sponge into the basin there's a little mouse on the right standing on the edge leaning on a jar. A shot later, in the close-up, she's gone.


Deliberate mistake: In the famous sequence where the pumpkin turns into a carriage, the fairy godmother stands behind it waving her wand and doing the magic. First mistake: After the transformation, the fairy godmother is stuck in freeze frame with her hands up in the air for the entire time when Cinderella is saying how lovely the carriage is. Another mistake occurs when it cuts to the fairy godmother (after the freeze frame), because her arms are suddenly down and she is moving and talking to Cinderella.

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Other mistake: In the scene where Gus and Jaq are trying to get the blue beads from Lucifer, Gus runs into the wall with the beads and the strand breaks, even frame by frame you can't see a string holding the beads together.


Continuity mistake: When the stepsisters are trying on the glass slipper, the shape of the stepmother's pocket, which is holding the key to Cinderella's room, changes between shots. The bottom of the pocket is flat in one shot, and pointed in another.

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Continuity mistake: The Fairy Godmother turns the four mice into horses. When they change back three of the mice are the same, but one is different. It goes from Jaq, Gus, Luke (the little mouse in mint green) and one of the twin mice to Jaq, Gus, and both of the twins. Luke is absent.

Continuity mistake: When Cinderella opens the curtain before waking up Lucifer, the hallway has a large window, a mirror and a stool beside the the stairs, but a door to music room has appeared on the hallway when Lucifer escapes the singing and playing of the stepsisters. This can be also noticed when stepmother hears Cinderella humming the ball waltz and goes after her, the window is back in its place rather than the door. The carpet is also covering whole floor in the scene where Lucifer exits the non-existing music room and the railing is shorter than in other scenes. (00:09:50 - 00:26:25)


Continuity mistake: When Jack and Gus come out of the trap and go to Cinderella, we see that her right hand is on her right leg. But in the next shot both her hands are holding the shirt Gus is going to get.


Cinderella: Why, it's my.
Mice and Birds: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise.
Gus: Duh, duh, duh... Happy Birthday.
Jaq: No, no, no, no.

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Trivia: The name of the Prince is never revealed, and he is never referred to as "Prince Charming" in the film.

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Answer: A cause of death was never revealed in the movie versions. In the Grimm fairy tale, the father left on a long business trip, but took ill and died during the journey.


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