Flashdance (1983)

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Corrected entry: When Alex is watching the ballet on TV, she does a turn and spills a drink on her shirt. She wipes it off, but in the next shot there aren't any marks on her shirt.

Correction: After she spills the drink on her, there is never another shot of her in that top. It cuts to the scene of her in her black leotard, dancing to 'Maniac.' Anyway, she spills the drink on her skin (down her top) not on her top.

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Corrected entry: Listen very closely to the scene in which Alex and the other dancers are bantering in the dressing room. You'll notice that one of them addresses her as "Angela".

Correction: They could have forgotten her name or maybe it could be a nickname, but since Alex is played by Jennifer Beals, it's no clash with the actress' name, so it's really only a error made by the character, and not really a proper movie mistake.

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When Alex sits down to watch the news, the various items around the TV, magazines on the table, the cushions, cups, items on the couch etc. differ in position during the scene.



Jennifer Beals never actually danced in the movie. The dancing was actually done by three different people. Marine Jahan a professional dancer did most of the dancing. The dives through the air were performed by Sharon Shapiro who was a UCLA and National Gymnastics champion. The breakdancing parts, such as the floor spin, at the audition were performed by Richard Colon known as Crazy Legs who was the leader of world renowned breakdancing troupe The Rock Steady Crew.