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Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Mike is in the car and Chucky attacks him, pulling the skipping ropes around his neck and stabbing a knife through the carseat etc., in all the wideshots of the car driving, the stunt driver wearing what looks like a black woolly hat replacing Mike is blatant. (00:54:15 - 00:55:45)


Continuity mistake: In Karen's apartment, Mike Norris gets slashed on the back of his leg, well below his knee, by Chucky with his knife. Yet later in Karen's room, Mike makes out as if the cut is well above his knee, and that is where his leg is bandaged. (01:12:55 - 01:21:40)


Continuity mistake: Karen, Andy and Mike are shut in Karen's bedroom and Chucky has the opportunity of getting into the bedroom via two doors - a door leading to the hallway, or a door leading to the bathroom. The door leading to the hallway has a key in it, on the side of the door facing INTO Karen's bedroom. Yet later, Chucky runs down the hallway facing the outside of Karen's bedroom door, and first there is no key in the keyhole. Yet when Chucky smashes the door open, there is now a key in the keyhole on the outside of Karen's bedroom door. (01:17:20 - 01:18:15)


Continuity mistake: In the apartment, Chucky nearly transfers his soul into Andy, until Karen and Mike come and save Andy. Karen then takes off her coat and puts it over Andy, who lays on the floor. In a wideshot, when Mike gives Karen his gun, the coat lays about halfway up his body, yet when it cuts to a closeup we see the coat laying over his body all the way up to his neck. (01:13:10)


Continuity mistake: After escaping from the institute, Andy goes back to the apartment. When he gets through the front door, he picks the big blue rug up from the floor and tosses it to the right of the door in a heap, then drags a bench and pushes it against the front door. Yet later, Karen and Detective Norris arrive at the front foor, then smash through it. When they smash through it, Norris rolls to the floor and you can see the big blue rug now laid out perfectly in front of the door. (01:08:25 - 01:12:45)


Continuity mistake: When Chucky peers through the window of the institute, he sees the keys on the table. The black telephone on the table moves from being against the wall, to sitting out halfway on the desk between shots. (01:04:25)


Continuity mistake: Karen threatens to throw Chucky in the fireplace if he doesn't speak, and then suddenly Chucky comes to life and starts to thrash and kick in Karens arms. Karen has her hands under Chuckys arms, and in one shot Karen lowers her left hand from under his arm. It cuts, and her left hand is suddenly back under his arm. (00:45:05)


Plot hole: After Chucky electrocutes the psychiatrist at the hospital with Andy there witnessing it, all of a sudden Andy is at home on his own barricading himself in then hiding out waiting for Chucky to turn up. How did Andy get from the hospital to his home considering no adults were with him? (01:07:00 - 01:08:40)

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Suggested correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. We already saw Andy made his way to Eddie's house on his own. We just aren't shown what he did to get home.


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Continuity mistake: When Mike Norris opens Karen's bedroom door, looking for Chucky, the camera pans around Karen's room and on top of her TV you can see a wicker basket, some books and a vase. Yet later when Chucky finally gets into the bedroom and chases Karen and Andy, and in following scenes, the vase has gone from the top of the TV. (01:13:25 - 01:18:20)


Continuity mistake: When Andy is making his Mum breakfast, the red lid on milk bottle disappears in a close-up of Andy pouring his Good Guys cereal into a bowl, yet the lid is on the milk bottle in the previous and following shots. (00:07:05)


Revealing mistake: Look very closely at the way Maggie is knocked backwards after being struck with the hammer. It seems as if she is deliberately throwing herself backwards, which also means they may have used reversed footage.


Factual error: Chucky blows out the pilot light in Eddie Caputo's house and, mere minutes later, there's enough gas for a single gun blast to then cause the whole house to explode. 1) It would take hours and hours for enough gas to fill up that house to present a safety issue; 2) By that time, Eddie would have unmistakably smelled it; 3) A gun blast wouldn't be enough to ignite that gas anyway.

Continuity mistake: When Andy takes the breakfast tray to his mum, a glass of orange juice is on it. After he opens the curtain and puts the tray on the bed to show his mum, it's now a glass of milk at a lower level. (00:07:25 - 00:08:25)

Audio problem: Towards the end just before Chucky is shot "dead", there's one point when he says something but his mouth isn't moving. Look at the last sentence very carefully to see.

Other mistake: When Charles enters the toy store, he shoots the the lock and misses, however the door opens right away.


Other mistake: Chucky emerges from the fireplace, engulfed in flames, walks to the couch and is seen crawling on the couch before falling to the floor and burning on the floor. And yet nothing else catches fire, and the few tiny flames that do drop, like on the corner of the wooden table, don't spread and put themselves out.


Other mistake: When Karen is fighting Chucky for the first time, she's holding him, but also pushing him away. At one point he's about arm's length away and she moves her hands so she's not holding him and he's not holding her, but he doesn't fall. In the next shot, his legs are up against Karen's body.


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Trivia: The real name of Chucky is Charles Lee Ray, which is derived from three well known real life killers - Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.

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Question: Why was the film banned in Ireland?

Answer: Both "Child's Play" and its sequels were banned in several European countries after the murder of 2-year old James Bulger in Liverpool in 1993 by two ten-year olds. Some people felt that the killing was done in a way very similar to how Chucky is disposed of in "Child's Play 3", and blamed the whole thing on violent movies, causing bans from several governments. Interestingly enough, the UK never officially banned these movies, but most video rentals refused to carry it.


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