Child's Play

An infamous murderer named Charles Lee Ray is tracked down by a cop, and in a toystore, he is gunned down. With his last breath, he summons the power of voodoo magic to transfer his soul into the only thing he can find...a doll. Then, with a bolt of lightning, the store is destroyed and the cop barely escapes with his life. A bum finds the doll and steals it. It is later purchased by a mother looking for a birthday present for her beloved son Andy. When she gives it to him, things slowly start to become strange. Andy's new doll Chucky is apparently talking to him, and telling him strange things. As it turns out, Charles' soul is alive in the doll, and is using Andy as a platform to seek vengence on his old accomplices and those responsible for his demise. He also has aspirations of using his magic to take over Andy's body after his evil deeds are complete.

Plot hole: Andy is suspected of having killed Eddie Caputo, because he was at the scene when Eddie's house blew up and Eddie was killed. But there are glaring things that go unquestioned: None of the cops seem to think it's strange that a six-year-old kid would travel by himself so far to some random house in order to blow it up. The South Side neighborhood where Eddie lives is halfway across the city from Andy's apartment. How did Andy know where Eddie lived? How do the cops think he even knew Eddie at all? None of them address this most puzzling problem.

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Suggested correction: The police believe Andy to be insane (hence why he is sent to a mental institution instead of juvenile hall), and thus do not believe his choice of victims to be in any way rational.

Also, as unlikely as it is that a six-year-old child could (or would) travel halfway across the city to murder a random person, the possibility that a child's doll came to life and carried out the act was considered far too outlandish at that point in the plot.


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Chucky: We're friends 'til the end, remember?
Andy: This is the end, friend.

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Question: When Chucky confronts John, he say he "prepared" for it, meaning he made the voodoo doll himself, but then he says John shouldn't tell people where he hides them. Was this a mistake during production?


Chosen answer: This isn't a mistake. John made the voodoo doll himself. When Chucky said he was "prepared" for it, he meant that he was prepared to do whatever it takes to get information from John about his being wounded. Even killing him as we see.

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