Child's Play

Child's Play (1988)

Plot summary

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An infamous murderer named Charles Lee Ray is tracked down by a cop, and in a toystore, he is gunned down. With his last breath, he summons the power of voodoo magic to transfer his soul into the only thing he can find...a doll. Then, with a bolt of lightning, the store is destroyed and the cop barely escapes with his life. A bum finds the doll and steals it. It is later purchased by a mother looking for a birthday present for her beloved son Andy. When she gives it to him, things slowly start to become strange. Andy's new doll Chucky is apparently talking to him, and telling him strange things. As it turns out, Charles' soul is alive in the doll, and is using Andy as a platform to seek vengence on his old accomplices and those responsible for his demise. He also has aspirations of using his magic to take over Andy's body after his evil deeds are complete.

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