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Corrected entry: On the morning of Andy's birthday, his mother says he is two years old. Andy looks 6 or 7 years old at the time, he is certainly not two.


Correction: Karen meant that in a playful way, as if she were guessing how old Andy is.

Corrected entry: Andy has the Chucky doll for a few days before his mother asks the peddler where he got it. When Andy's mother spoke to the cop about the doll working without batteries she said "it's been speaking and moving without batteries for days". When she asks the peddler where he got the doll she says "I bought a doll from you yesterday". How could she have bought it from him yesterday when Andy has had the doll for at least two days by this point?

Aled Wesker

Correction: No real mistake. First, she didn't have the doll for a few days, just two, at this point. Karen gave Andy Chucky the day she bought it, and Chucky talked that first day. The next day is when Andy took Chucky to school and everything with Eddie and the cops happened and when she took Chucky home. So when Karen is talking to Mike, Chucky had been talking for days (two), even though she did buy it yesterday.


Correction: Chucky's head and body changes while he changes from inanimate to animate (things that change are: eyes, teeth, fingernails, etc.).

Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes Andy, his mom, and the detective guy are sitting in Andy's moms room and a man comes in. The detective tells him about Chuckie and he doesn't believe him.The detective says " look for yourself, he is scattered all over the hall". How would he know that Andy's mom shot his body parts all over the hall if he was sitting in the room the whole time.

Correction: Obviously, Detective Mike Norris heard the gun go off several times. That's why Chucky was "scattered all over the hall".

Corrected entry: At the end, when Mrs. Barclay shoots Chucky, blowing his head, leg, and arm off, he is supposed to be almost human, yet stuffing flies out when he's shot.

Correction: They say in the movie that Chucky has a heart so he does have organs.

Correction: He is still just a doll that happens to be animated with a human spirit. He does not have human internal organs.

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Corrected entry: After Karen comes home following Maggie's death, she first meets the detective who first assures her Andy was not a suspect (by saying none of his shoes match and why would Andy be on the counter?) Suddenly the detective fully points the guilt towards Andy saying "If Andy didn't make the footprints then WHO?" Basically, he contradicts himself.

Correction: Mike (Detective Norris) never said Andy wasn't a suspect. In fact when Karen asked what he was implying he said "I don't know." (He also says what would Andy be doing on the counter, not why). Mike said none of the shoes in Andy's closet matched, but when he saw Andy in his pj's he asked what was on his feet. It was the Good Guy pj sneakers Andy was wearing that seemed to match the footprints, since it's also what Chucky wears.


Corrected entry: After Chucky walks out of the fire (after being set on fire) he crawls over the couch then falls down and his head falls off. Then in the next scene his head is back on.

Correction: His head never falls off when he's burning.


Corrected entry: When Maggie falls out of the kitchen window, first of all, she supposedly falls because she stumbles backwards, startled or hurt from the hammer wound on her head. But there's no way she could stumble backward and gain enough force to hurtle through the window the way she does - it would be hard to throw yourself out the window and gain as much force as Maggie did. Also, she falls out the window backwards, meaning face up as she falls. Yet when they cut to an outside shot, somehow she's miraculously reversed to face down. A miracle in physics.

Correction: If you watch the scene again, you see while at first she's knocked back from the blow, then she loses her footing, causing her to stumble backwards (which can cause a lot of momentum as most people end up running a bit to stop from falling). However, we see as she falls backwards into the window, she actually starts to twist (supposedly to catch herself) so when she actually falls out the window, she's twisted all the way to be facing forwards. No physics miracles needed.


Corrected entry: In the part when Karen is threatening to throw Chucky in the fire he starts yelling at her and calling her names, then he bites her wrist, later when Karen shows officer Norris, the bite wound is further up her arm.

Correction: When Chucky & Karen are tussling in the apartment he does, in fact, bite her on the forearm.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Andy's mom is shooting Chucky with the gun, in one scene she is holding the gun with two hands. In the next shot, you see one hand round Andy's back. Cut back to the next shot and both her hands are grasping the gun.

Correction: Karen's hands were alternating between Andy and the gun.

Corrected entry: It's in one of the first scenes. The little boy is making breakfast for his mother. He clearly pours a glass of orange juice and puts it on the tray. However once he gets inside his mother's room the glass now has milk in it.

Correction: I just watched the beginning scene of "Child's Play" and the only part with milk I saw was when Andy poured it in the cereal n' spilled drops of it on the floor on his way into his mother's room. Not once did I see milk in the glass once Andy entered his mother's room.

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Continuity mistake: When Andy pours the cereal, and then the milk, there is cereal on the counter, to the left of the bowl. There is loads of cereal on the counter, then when Andy puts the burnt toast onto a plate, there is much less cereal. Then when he takes the tray from the counter, there's now loads of cereal on it. (00:07:25 - 00:08:15)

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Karen Barclay: I said talk to me, damn it. Or else I'll throw you in the fire.
Chucky: You stupid bitch! You filthy slut! I'll teach you to fuck with me!

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Question: When Chucky confronts John, he say he "prepared" for it, meaning he made the voodoo doll himself, but then he says John shouldn't tell people where he hides them. Was this a mistake during production?


Chosen answer: This isn't a mistake. John made the voodoo doll himself. When Chucky said he was "prepared" for it, he meant that he was prepared to do whatever it takes to get information from John about his being wounded. Even killing him as we see.

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