History of the World: Part I

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Caesar orders his guards to kill and seize Mel Brooks, he calls for more wine and a servant comes to pour him some If you notice his shirt, it is clean and white. In the shot right after he calls for it, when the servant is walking up behind Caesar laughing, you can see that Caesar's shirt is stained purple. This is caused from repeated takes, because right after the servant walks up he spills the entire container on Caesar. But yet, in the finished movie, Caesar's shirt is purple before it even gets spilled on.

Visible crew/equipment: When Comicus and his entourage are on the road to Judea, the tire tracks of the vehicle carrying the camera are blatantly clear in the lower part of the picture.


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God: Moses, this is the lord thy god, commanding you to obey my law. Do you hear me?
Moses: Yes. I hear you, I hear you. A deaf man could hear you.
God: What?
Moses: Nothing. Forget it.

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Trivia: Gregory Hines was cast as a last-minute replacement for then controversial comedian Richard Pryor, who had severely burned himself while freebasing cocaine.

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