History of the World: Part I

Louis XVI (the double/Piss Boy) is about to be killed by the people of France. Mademoiselle Rimbaud wishes for a miracle, and then the horse Miracle from the Roman Empire and Josephus come and take the piss boy and Mademoiselle Rimbaud from Paris. The Piss boy asks Josephus why he is here, and Josephus says that "Movies is Magic". At the end previews are shown for the History of the World Part II (It was never made).


Revealing mistake: During the Inquisition song when Right Before Mel Brooks Plays bongos on the guys heads he slides in from behind the wooden torture things. If you look closely the hair on the stunt double sliding in is darker than Mel's.

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Count De Monet: Your Majesty, you look like the piss boy.
King Louis XVI: And you look like a bucket of shit.

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Trivia: The Viking funeral gag was a Jewish in-joke, based on the libelous old myth that Jews had horns. (Making light of anti-Semitism has long been one of Mel Brooks' trademarks.)

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