History of the World: Part I

Other mistake: After Leonardo sets up his canvas to begin painting The Last Supper with Jesus with his disciples, he says "hold it" and then the camera flips to show the men (and Comicus) now situated behind the table. Look at the disciple in the blue tunic at the right, who first looks off to his right, then corrects his position, and faces left, with his arms extended. (00:52:32)


Revealing mistake: During the Inquisition song when Right Before Mel Brooks Plays bongos on the guys heads he slides in from behind the wooden torture things. If you look closely the hair on the stunt double sliding in is darker than Mel's.

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Narrator: See: Hitler on Ice.

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Trivia: The Viking funeral gag was a Jewish in-joke, based on the libelous old myth that Jews had horns. (Making light of anti-Semitism has long been one of Mel Brooks' trademarks.)

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