Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Corrected entry: When the basilisk bites Harry, he pulls out a straight fang. But when he carries it across the room, it is a curved tooth. But there were no curved teeth in the mouth of the basilisk, let alone Harry's arm.

Correction: The tooth is curved. The camera angle when Harry first pulls the tooth out of his arm is straight on so the tooth looks straight but almost immediately Harry changes the angle that the tooth is shown and it is clearly curved.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Ron shuffle out of the crowd in Flourish and Blotts, Draco was reading a book by the stairs. It seems as though a crew member called him for his cue because he looked at the side and nodded. Then he tore one page and resumed his line.

Correction: Draco is taking a cue from his father. Draco stops Harry and friends so that his father can add the diary to Ginny's cauldron.


Corrected entry: When Mr. Malfoy is coming from Dumbledore's office near the end, Mr. Malfoy is already down the stairs and Harry is just at the bottom, but if you look back at Harry it's quite obvious that there are no stairs - he is just walking out from behind the stone statue.

Correction: When you see Harry coming out of that "hole" where the stairs are. You can see that the stairs are just finishing going down so Harry went down on the stairs.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Weasleys are rescuing Harry from the bedroom, when Harry is still in the room he is wearing pyjamas, and also when the Weasleys are pulling him in to the car, but in the next shot, when Harry is already sitting safely inside the car, he is wearing different clothes.

Correction: There has been a time lapse. In the time it took Harry to pack his trunk and gather up all of his possetions, he could probably have gotten changed out of his PJ's and into other clothes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the pixies are let lose in their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class, the pixies make a disaster of the classroom, yet when Professor Lockhart runs out and tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione to take care of the rest, Hermione freezes the whole lot of them with one simple spell. Couldn't she have performed this spell when the professor first released the pixies and saved the class a lot of trouble?

Correction: Hermione, when Professor Lockhart lets the pixies free, still thinks that he has everything under control, and therefore would not want to disrupt the whole lesson by freezing the pixies.


Corrected entry: When the rogue bludger was following Harry in the Quidditch match, it went right through a tall stand from the back to the front. When the hole showed up, it was on the side.

Correction: It was actually the side view, it just looks like it came through the front of the stand because it was on a close up shot.


Corrected entry: If you notice the scene where the trio is sitting in the library after the Duelling Club incident, Justin Finch-Fletchley is in there (he is sitting with a group of Hufflepuffs glaring at Harry). However, in the next scene he is petrified in the hallway Harry is going down.

Correction: It isn't Justin Finch-Fletchley who is in the library. That boy is Ernie Mac Millian but he and Justin look a bit alike.


Corrected entry: During the final moments in the Chamber, Harry overcomes Tom Riddle (Voldemort) when putting the Basilisk tooth through the diary. If you watch carefully, you will notice that Harry is keeping his right arm idle, as it has also been posioned by the tooth. He keeps striking the diary and finally closes it for one final attack on the cover. Right before he closes it, you see his left hand still poised in the air with the tooth, but as they cut to the closing of the book right away, they show Harry's left hand closing the book with no sign of the tooth. Now they cut back to Harry's face and his left arm is still up holding the tooth.

Correction: Actually, just before the closeup of Harry closing the diary,(with the tooth in the left hand) the shot of Harry doesn't show his arm. But looking at the position of his shoulder, his arm is down. Then comes the closeup of Harry's left hand (HOLDING THE TOOTH) closing the book. The next scene show Harry raising his left arm, with the tooth still in hand, and stabbing the diary.


Corrected entry: When Harry is talking with Dumbledore in his office after coming out of the Chamber of Secrets, the camera moves from Harry, past a pillar, and to Dumbledore. Footsteps are clearly heard, but neither Harry nor Dumbledore are walking.

Correction: The footsteps you hear are from Lucius Malfoy who is shortly about to arrive in Dumbledore's office.


Corrected entry: The professors at Hogwarts tell the students that they have extensively checked the entire school and can find no trace of the Chamber of Secrets. The Chamber turns out to be an auditorium-sized room under the school connected to hundreds of yards of underground tunnels. The friendly ghosts that can fly through walls should have been able to find it in a few seconds.

Correction: The ghosts might not be able to enter the room because it is magically hidden. They might been "deluded" thinking it is just another piece of rock, just as the Muggles see Hogwarts as a ruin.


Corrected entry: When McGonnagal is telling the class of the Chamber, she says no such Chamber has been found. Well, how could she say that when Hagrid got expelled from school for opening it fifty years ago and Tom Riddle got a special reward for finding the person who opened it?

Correction: She's lying, either to keep the kids from being scared or to keep them from trying to find the chamber themselves. She's probably also trying to protect the school's reputation.


Corrected entry: In the forest, Aragog says he has never seen any of the castle except the box he was kept in, but during the memory Tom Riddle casts a spell, and Aragog falls out of the box and leaves the room, indicating that he has seen other areas of the castle.

Correction: He ran off and left the castle, he did not explore the castle.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Dumbledore says that "all exams have been cancelled". What about pupils taking their final exams in 5th and 7th year?

Correction: The exams would have been taken at a later date.

Or they weren't included in his statement. A highschool principal can cancel all school level tests but doesn't have the authority to cancel state level standardized tests.

Corrected entry: In the classroom scene where Professor McGonagall is discussing Chamber Of Secrets, a caged baboon is seen masturbating. (00:48:10)

Correction: Coincidence as the directors cannot control animals like that. This is not trivia.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the dueling scene, when Snape pulls Malfoy back onto his feet, a cameraman is visible kneeling down on the far left of the screen. (01:07:46 - 01:20:00)

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Uncle Vernon: And Dudley, you will be?
Dudley Dursley: I'll be waiting to open the door.
Uncle Vernon: Excellent. And you?
Harry: I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.

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Trivia: The first scenes in the movie are some of the last scenes filmed. Viewers kind of tell by the way the actors' voices and looks changed. For example, Matthew Lewis (who played Neville Longbottom) said that he had to stuff cotton balls in his cheeks in the "Mandrakes in the Greenhouse" scene, since he had lost so much weight since the beginning of filming.

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Question: Considering how big the Basilisk is, how is it able to travel through the pipes in Hogwarts since so many of them are small?

Answer: It was traveling through the pipes that it could fit into.

raywest Premium member

So how was it able to get into the girls restroom and kill Moaning Myrtle many years ago? All of those pipes in the restroom aren't large enough.

The girls' bathroom is the entrance to the chamber of secrets. She was in there when Tom Riddle opened it and let the snake out.


Answer: Perhaps the basilisk is a magical creature and can change size at any given time to fit into those tiny pipes.

Answer: The tunnel that leads into the Chamber of Secrets is really big. The basilisk could have made its way up into it.

Yes but the general pipes in the castle are not that size. The entrance tunnel was that big for a reason.

Ssiscool Premium member
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