Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Corrected entry: Look at the blood writing on the wall. Tom Riddle says that it was written by Ginny, but you can see that it's too high for her to write - we see a flashback of Ginny writing the blood on the wall, not standing on a chair and clearly not standing on a ladder.

Correction: If a wizard or a witch can levitate a feather, it would be no problem to levitate him/herself. Besides, the shot of Ginny writing just shows her from the chest up writing on the wall.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ron & Harry notice the hallway to the girl's bathroom has been flooded, there is a depth of one inch or so of water in the hallway. When the boys step into the bathroom there is water on that floor as well, due to all the sinks overflowing with water and all the faucets turned on fully. But if you notice, there are drain grates surrounding the base of the washroom sinks extending a good 2 feet or more. There is no water coming out of these grates, indicating that the overflow hasn't reached capacity yet. If the grating is higher than the surrounding floor, and no water is exiting the grating, then it's impossible to flood the hallway. If the grating is lower than the flooded hallway, it's also impossible for the flooded section to not flow back to lower ground, namely the lower section of grating underneath the sinks.

Correction: The washroom hasn't been used in a long time because of the haunting. The drains are probably clogged, which means they would just fill up and no water would visibly come out of them.


Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are in Slytherin dungeon as Crabbe and Goyle, Ron says "Scar," and Harry responds with "Hair," but it is a split second before Ron's hair turns red.

Correction: The fact that it starts to change color more vigourously after Harry says that doesn't mean that he couldn't have seen the first signs of the hair colour change before he spoke.


Corrected entry: When Harry is talking to Dobby about his family; Harry is sitting on the bed and Dobby on the stall. Harry's shadow is correctly placed because he was there when filming, However Dobby's shadow (because he was computer created) is not. As Dobby is behind the lamp should his shadow be on the floor to the right of the stall? We can see it on the wall next to Harry's. (00:04:25)

Correction: Dobby's shadow is on the wall next to Harry's because there's a lamp on the tall chest of drawers behind him (also the source for Harry's shadow). You see this other lamp as soon as Dobby stands on the table. You also saw it in a scene a few moments earlier when Dobby was head butting the chest of drawers.

Corrected entry: During the scene in Transfiguration classroom, the students' positions in the class are constantly changing - for example, there is a blond girl sitting in the middle of the class in one shot, then in another she is back in a corner. (00:48:15 - 00:49:20)

Correction: This is not true. The students sit in the very same seats, whether in a front, back or side shot. Different girls are being confused as one girl.

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Corrected entry: When the Ford Anglia drives away after ejecting Ron and Harry, the boot (trunk) of the car is open. The boot remains open as the boys chase the car. Yet, as the car passes Hagrid's cabin, the boot is closed. (00:28:49)

Correction: When Harry and Ron chase the car, there is a shot in between the 'trunk open' shot and the 'trunk closed' shot and it's when Ron says, "Dad's gonna kill me." In that time the car could very easily close its own trunk just as it closes and opens its own doors, etc.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are talking through the bars that are over Harry's window, there is no glass in the window. When the car pulls the bars off of the wall, the window magically has glass in it and shatters even though Vernon screwed the bars into the WALL. (00:08:55)

Correction: Vernon attaches the screws of the security bar into the black window frame, NOT the brick wall. Later, when Ron and Harry are speaking some gleam can be seen within some of the diamond patterns, proving that there is a glass pane.

Corrected entry: There were a hole in the back of the car, the engine cover was squished and the windshield and doors was smashed after the Whomping Willow attack. But in the scene where Harry and Ron find the car in the forest, almost all the damage has disappeared.

Correction: Damage appearing and disappearing, whether right away or in the Dark Forest, is already noted in several mistakes.

Corrected entry: When Harry & Ron are driving on the train track, when Ron says 'We can't be far behind,' you can see shadows of equipment towards the left of the screen.

Correction: When viewed in both wide screen and full screen, when Ron says, "We can't be far behind." there is NO shadow whatsoever of any equipment anywhere in this shot.

Corrected entry: When Harry is hanging from the Ford Anglia, his window is open. When he gets back in, it is wound up.

Correction: In this shot as Harry remarks that he thinks they found the train, the window directly to Harry's left IS indeed rolled down, note the specks are on the front window pane. The window you may confused with is the one to Harry's left, directly behind him. In the last shot of the car as its headlights are turned on, the window is closed, but we do not know how much time has elapsed since the previous shot.

Corrected entry: In the two inside shots of the flying car when Harry says 'Most muggles aren't accustomed to seeing a flying car,' and Ron says 'Right,' the sky outside seems to be quite overcast. In the next of them disappearing it is sunny.

Correction: When Ron says, "Right." in the next shot looking out the front window there is blue sky and light white clouds in front of them at the horizon. First as the car lifts off the ground and then later as the car disappears there is blue sky and puffier white clouds higher up in the sky, but if you look down towards the horizon in both of those shots the clouds are lighter just as in the shots of the boys in the car.

Corrected entry: When the train station manager asks Harry and Ron what they're doing when they crash, he is holding a reading book. In the next shot of him, he quickly pulls it out of shot, but it is now a scrapbook.

Correction: That is so wrong. It is the exact same book that is visible in the three shots of him, even as he walks away from the boys shaking his head.

Corrected entry: When Dobby is hitting his head on the drawer, it shows Uncle Vernon pouring Mrs. Mason a drink, then he says 'Don't mind that it's just the cat'. It then goes back to Dobby, and the stool he is about to sit on to tell Harry not to go to school changes positions considerably from the last shot.

Correction: The only thing that changes is the angle of the camera and the stool is in the same position in both of these shots. Even if it were in a bit of a different position, in the time between the two shots of Dobby there are other shots including four shots of Vernon and the Masons, so if Dobby would have say kicked the stool in his hysteria it would be a very plausible reason.

Corrected entry: When the boys chase after the car, the mark is visible for them to stop and for Ron to say 'Dad's gonna kill me.'

Correction: There is NO mark visible in the two shots of them running to the spot nor in the next shot of Ron saying that line, either in the full screen or wide screen.

Corrected entry: When the first spell is performed on Harry during the Duelling Club, he flies through the air. He lands pretty softly considering from how high he fell. (01:07:25)


Correction: Harry does not 'land softly', he slams into the mat both visually and audibly, as did Lockhart earlier and Draco in the next few shots.

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Corrected entry: When Ron rescues Harry from Privet Drive, Dudley, panicking, comes out of the room, and you can see that the light is on in his room. In the next, overhead shot, his bedroom light has mysteriously turned off.

Correction: Yes we do see the light on in Dudley's room in the first shot. In the next overhead shot the ONLY things visible are a bit of the blue carpet and the side of a piece of wood furniture, though it still is impossible to tell if a light was switched off, so I don't see how you can make that claim.

Corrected entry: When Dobby puts the stack of letters in his 'mark of enslavement' He pulls it back, and it disappears. From the way he did this, he would not have been able to put it in his 'mark of enslavement.'

Correction: Dobby is clever and has very powerful magic. He only goes through the motions of putting his hand behind him, when in fact he makes them disapppear through his magic just as he made them appear in the first place a few moments before.

Corrected entry: In the Quidditch game, Oliver Wood says -Watch out Harry.. Look at his hand when he says this, you can see that he moves his hand a little bit from where it was, then the bludger comes and hit the broom exactly where the hand was.

Correction: That is not true. Wood's right hand slides closer to him as he sits a bit more upright, then his hands remain on the broomstick right in front of him as the bludger hurls towards him and slams into the broomstick. The bludger is CG and was added later, so they could have had it hit the broomstick further up if necessary. This is no mistake.

Corrected entry: When Hermione sees Harry in Diagon Alley, he mouths her lines when she says 'Oh it's so good to see you.'

Correction: That is totally false. Harry does NOT mouth Hermione's line as she speaks.

Corrected entry: When Ron and the Weasley twins come and rescue Harry from the Dursleys, Harry asks 'What are you all doing here,' to which Ron replies 'Rescuing you of course.' During these lines, the twin in the back of the car mouthes his lines.

Correction: No, the twin in the back does NOT mouth Ron's line.

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Visible crew/equipment: Rushing to make Hogwarts Express at the train station, the shot opens as the camera pans Ginny's trunk and two marks come into view. While Ginny and Mr. Weasley push her trolley, Mr. Weasley is cued and begins to say, "10:58, come on, come on!" just as the actor hits his tape mark on the ground below, while Percy's trolley hits its tape mark, so Harry is visible behind him, and cues Mr. Weasley to continue speaking. In the shot when Mrs. Weasley says, "Okay" for Ginny to go and in the shot as Harry says, "Let's go," their marks are gone. (Visible on DVD fullscreen.) (00:22:15)

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Question: Does any one know the Japanese golfer joke Uncle Vernon was telling at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: The joke goes like this, "A California business man, while in Japan for some business meetings and a few rounds of golf, arrived in Tokyo a day earlier than expected. Feeling lonely that evening, he employed the services of a beautiful young Japanese girl to be his companion for the evening. Although the Japanese girl spoke very little English and the businessman spoke no Japanese, their passion roared and in the heat of the moment she began yelling "Machigatta ana. Machigatta ana" Hearing this, the Californian believed he had pleased his female Japanese friend and soon afterwards went to sleep. The next day while playing golf with his Japanese business colleague, his Japanese partner holed his shot from 170 yards away. Wanting to impress his friend, the Californian began yelling, "Machigatta ana!" The Japanese business man turned to the Californian and with a confused look on his face asked, "What do you mean wrong hole?"

Answer: The punchline is actually quite vulgar, but you can read a copy of the joke at http://www.sugarquill.net/forum/index.php?s=1a43217a81cc245555ad6ac82d3bcc5b&showtopic=6214&view=findpost&p=225388

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