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Corrected entry: During the quidditch match, the first goal we see is scored by Slytherin. When they score, ALL the players come together and fly about in some sort of arrow formation. Wouldn't it have been VERY easy for the Gryffindor team to take the quaffle and score as there's no defense whatsoever?

Correction: In virtually every sport I've ever seen, once a goal is scored the game is stopped until the ball/puck/etc. is put back into play.

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Corrected entry: After Errol delivers the Howler to Ron, he flies very close to Hermione's head, the wire attached to the Owl is visible as it passes her hair. It looked like it actually hits her in the face.

Correction: No wires are visible as I watch it. In fact, the actor playing Colin Creevey next to Hermione and if there was a wire attached to it that would be able to hit her hair, it would have hit him first. But it doesn't. And there is not wire visible, anyway. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In Defence Against the Dark Arts class when the Cornish pixies are destroying the classroom, Lockhart asks Harry, Ron and Hermione to nip all the pixies back in their cage. Hermione uses 'Immobulus' then the shot goes behind Hermione and you can see Neville on the ceiling. One pixie floats towards Hermione and part of it just vanishes. Poor computer animation?

Correction: I thought this too at first, but look more closely. The pixie actually floats to Hermione's front. It starts at her side, and moves in, passing by her stomach, so her back and cloak hide it as it moves by.

Corrected entry: At the end of year feast, Hermione runs up to Harry and hugs him then shakes Ron's hand. Then she sits down and her back is facing Ron and Harry's backs. Wouldn't that mean she sat down at the wrong table?

Correction: Hermione sits next to Ron with her shoulder towards him. She doesn't have her back towards him and Harry. The camera is just at a bit of an angle.

Corrected entry: In the scene where young Voldemort is telling Harry that Ginny was the one writing it on the wall, but where does she get the blood from? I doubt they just had buckets of blood lying around, and it would have taken quite a bit of blood, since she wrote 2 long, and big messages.

Correction: When Harry discovers the piece of paper in Hermione's hand in the hospital wing and he reads it, he says that the Basilisk fears the cry of the rooster. Ginny kills Hagrids's roosters so the Basilisk will stay at Hogwarts. Ginny used the blood from the roosters to write the message.

Corrected entry: When Harry Potter is writing in Tom Riddle's journal, Tom replies "No, but I will show you." The pages start to flip and stop on a blank page. A date then appears in the top right hand corner of the right hand side page as June 13th. Wouldn't all of the students have been at home that day 50 years ago? Isn't June 13th considered summer holiday? (01:29:17)

Correction: No. Hogwarts is in Great Britain, where the Summer Holidays are roughly from mid-July to mid-September.


Corrected entry: After the Chamber of Secrets, when Harry is in Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore tells Harry to examine the sword carefully. Dumbledore is holding the sword by its handle, so Harry grabs it by the blade. Wouldn't Harry cut himself by doing that?

Correction: Just as with holding a knife by the blade, not necessarily if he is being careful.


Corrected entry: Hermione uses magic outside of school more than once. Both to fix Harry's glasses (once in year 1 on the train then again in year 2 in Diagon Alley). Since the rules are so strict about using magic outside of school wouldn't she get in trouble?

Correction: Harry was being watched closely, whereas Hermione wasn't, but we don't find that out until Book 5.

Corrected entry: During the duelling club scene, Snape tells Lockhart that instead of disarming, he should teach the students to block unfriendly spells first. Lockart says it's an excellent idea, and Harry and Malfoy are called up. But then Lockhart still tells them to cast spells to disarm their opponent. What happened to blocking spells first? (01:06:04)


Correction: Lockhart was just humoring him, he didn't actually take him seriously.


Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are thrown from the car after falling out of the Whomping Willow, if you slow it down you can easily see a blue hand on each side of the car literally pushing the boys out.

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Correction: That is the seat of the car tipping to the side to expell the boys. You can see the seats leaning out when Scabbers is thrown out.


Corrected entry: In the scene with Lucius Malfoy and the Weasleys in the bookstore, Lucius takes one book out of Ginny Weasley's basket and comments on the tattered shape it is in, but in the next shot he puts not one, but three books all tied together back into the basket.

Correction: This is an essential part of the plot - it's how he manages to slip Tom Riddle's diary to Ginny.

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Corrected entry: At the start of the film when we see Harry through the window, the top two drawers in the chest of drawers are closed, and the bottom one only slightly open. When Harry comes back into his room and finds Dobby, the top two drawers are open and the bottom one is open wider. (00:03:09)


Correction: It's possible Dobby messed with Harry's stuff before he started jumping on the bed, when Harry found him; namely gone through his dresser drawers.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are sitting in the hall doing work and Hermione comes up to them she swings her leg over and it is bare. Then 2 seconds later as she is sitting down she is wearing tights.

Correction: They are never sitting in the hall doing work. When they are eating in the Great Hall before Hermione tells them about the muffins, she comes to sit with them and swings her leg over the bench. Her knee is bare, but you can still see her knee-highs (socks) under her knee. When she swings the other leg over, you can see the knee-high, but her cloak is covering her knee.

Corrected entry: When the rogue bludger breaks Harry's arm, it falls limp, he takes his good arm and grabs the snitch. After this the broom spins upside down and you see Harry holding onto his broom with his supposedly broken arm.

Correction: His arms flail about a bit, but Harry doesn't use his broken arm. He was holding on with his legs, just as he did when he caught the snitch.

Corrected entry: In the first film, Harry's family clearly live in a small close with trees behind their house - see owls delivering mail. The opening of COS shows Privet Drive to be in the middle of a large housing estate with houses to the rear.

Correction: Maybe there was a development over the year he was away?

Corrected entry: When the trio enter the Gryffindor Tower after the Duelling Club, Harry says, "if I hadn't told that snake not to attack Justin", he is interrupted by Ron when he says "Oh that's what you said to it". Harry mimes these words before the shot changes to Ron.

Correction: The shot changes too quickly for Harry to mime Ron's lines. He starts to say "then" when Ron interupts him. That's why he appears to mime Ron.

Corrected entry: When Harry falls out of the flying car, we can see several small parcels just behind the front passenger seat - why did none of them fall out as well?

Correction: They appear to be tied together, which would not allow them to fall out. Besides, according to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), they actually had him dangling from the car 25 feet up in the air. Therefore, the parcels would've fallen out when they were shooting the scene if they were going to.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the pixies, Lockhart introduces himself at the beginning as their new DADA teacher. When he reveals the pixies in their cage, Seamus Finnegan makes an exclamation. Lockhart says, 'That's right Mr Finnegan'. Having only just introduced himself for the first time, how did he know his name?

Correction: Prior to his class, Lockhart could have received copies of students' files and their photographs to familiarize himself with his future students. It's also interesting to point out, in between introducing himself and releasing the pixies, Lockhart gives the class the 'Gilderoy Lockhart quiz' - a scene that was cut from the movie - therefore another means of giving himself the opportunity to learn their names..

Corrected entry: When Harry drops his wand to look at Ginny, Voldemort (Tom Riddle) walks towards him, and it's not there. Then the next shots show it's there and he stoops down and picks it up.

Correction: That is not correct. When Harry drops the vand it slides along the floor and ends up between Ginny and the big face/sculpture where the basilisk emerges later. You can just glimpse it at the bottom of the screen when Tom Riddle walks towards Harry and Ginny.

Corrected entry: In the scene with Dumbledore and Harry after Justin and Sir Nicholas are petrified, Hagrid comes bursting in with a rooster in his hand saying he would swear Harry didn't do it. This scene only makes sense if Hagrid had met Harry in the hall just before the attack, as in the book. Clearly this scene was filmed, then dropped, as it makes no sense in the movie.

Correction: True, the rooster is only explained in the book, but Hagrid's entrance still makes sense. He would most likely have heard from one of the teachers that Harry had found Justin and was taken up to see Dumbledore. He found out quickly about Hermione and would have also heard about Justin quickly.

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Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dumbledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair. (02:22:05)

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Uncle Vernon: And Dudley, you will be?
Dudley Dursley: I'll be waiting to open the door.
Uncle Vernon: Excellent. And you?
Harry: I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.

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Trivia: In the scene where Harry and Malfoy are flying on their brooms, there's a shot where Colin takes a picture. Listen to the music right after that. The music is the same music used in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones during the chase scene on Coruscant (John Williams did the music for this film and all the Star Wars films).

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