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Continuity mistake: When Nicky goes to Sam's house to meet with Charlie, it's very light outside when he arrives. However when he leaves about four minutes later, the sun is setting. His entire stay at the house takes place during that scene.

Character mistake: When the high roller Ikachawa returns to The Tangiers, Rothstein said he's betting $1,000 instead of his usual $30,000, so when he won, it didn't feel like he had won $10,000 (10 $1,000 bets), but felt like he lost $90,000, alluding to the fact that betting 1/30th of his normal bets made him feel even though he was winning $1k a hand he was missing out on the other $29k, or losing that. At ten hands won, at $1k/hand, he really would have felt like he was losing $290,000, not $90,000 as Rothstein says.

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Continuity mistake: Stone is caught on the phone planning to kill DeNiro, who grabs her violently and pulls her black satin robe off. A frame later she has it back on.


Continuity mistake: The man who is receiving a giant check for the Tangiers raises his right hand towards his waist, but in the immediate next angle, the hand is down and he is raising it again.


Continuity mistake: When Nicky Santoro meets the men in the desert, first he is getting out of the car with one person, but then he is in the next shot getting out of the second car which just pulled up, and he is getting out of the car with Frank Marino.

Continuity mistake: About an hour and a half through the movie there is a scene with Nikki on a black and white TV. On the TV they are showing a photo taken by police of Nikki talking to another man holding a toothpick to his mouth to cover his lip from lip readers. That scene takes place later in the movie. The police have not yet taken that photo, we see it happen later on. (01:32:49)

Continuity mistake: When Sam is talking with Philip Greene after firing Ward, there is a shot of Sam facing the camera gesturing with his right hand not holding a cigarette, the a shot with his rear to the camera holding one, back to a shot facing the camera with empty hands again. (01:10:45)


Other mistake: When the man goes into the casino and takes a suitcase full of money to Kansas, he is parking in a supermarket. Later in the movie, after a plane lands on the golf course the same shot of the car in the supermarket is repeated. Check for the same parked cars: a blue VW beetle and a red car.


Audio problem: When Nicky is at the airport having his suitcase searched by Customs, he says "If you find any cash in there we'll whack it up with ya" but his lips don't move in unison with the sentence. (00:27:50)

Audio problem: When Pat Webb is reading aloud the newspaper article about Sam Rothstein, his lips don't match when he begins the sentence reading "the Midwest bookmaker", and also the audio sounds spliced in. (01:31:15)

Continuity mistake: When De Niro is by the pool, the way he holds his cigarette changes from vertical to horizontal depending on the angle.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Joe Pesci tells Robert De Niro that he's moving to Vegas, both of their windows are cracked. De Niro's stays opened the same length until just before the scene ends, when it is opened nearly twice as much as before.

Factual error: About a half hour into the movie, Nicky goes into the sports book to collect. There is a cigarette machine behind him and the price of a pack of cigarettes is marked $2.50 In the 70's a pack of cigarettes was more like one dollar. (00:33:04 - 00:33:35)

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Suggested correction: Not only were vending machine prices for cigarettes higher to begin with, they simply jacked the prices up because they could. Think about how much a soda costs at a movie theater or airport.


I remember buying cigarettes out of a machine in the 80's - never needed more than 4 quarters.

There was a news report from 1988 still available online where a small pack of cigarettes from a vending machine was $3.50 (14 quarters). You must have found a super cheap machine selling very small packs and you weren't buying them in a betting parlor.


There is a huge difference between early 70's and 88.

That wasn't the point of my comment. Whoever said they never paid more than $1 in the 80's isn't remembering right or fibbing (which is why I didn't include it in my correction). The correction is still valid because the cigarettes weren't being sold in stores. Just like one time I had to paid almost $10 for a "$5 footlong" at an airport Subway or $3 for a vending machine soda at a theater when they were $1 at every other vending machine.


Character mistake: At their wedding reception when Ginger is talking to Lester on the phone he reminds her of when he watched her as a young "long legged colt." As a juvenile female horse she would have been a long legged filly.

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Suggested correction: No mistake. Not many people know the terms of young and old animals. I myself don't often hear a juvenile horse called a filly, so I don't remember that when I see one.


Other mistake: When Ace meets with Lester in the diner, Lester looks around at the guys guarding the exits. The camera pans around to show his perspective, looking first at the door directly behind him, and then the door to his right. Except the camera swings left for both shots, meaning Lester would've had to crane his neck around 270° to see the right-hand door while looking to the left.

Continuity mistake: The guy's whose head is put in a vice has a trail of blood running along the left side of his mouth which appears/disappears randomly between shots.


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Continuity mistake: After the very tense encounter between Ace and Nicky in the middle of the desert with De Niro watching Pesci leaving quickly, the distance between Ace and his car changes enormously in two different shots.

Nicky Santoro: We're supposed to be robbin' this place, you dumb fuckin' Hebe.

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Question: Why would Sam's life be threatened by the Mafia bosses if they find out that Ginger and Nicky are having an affair? I know it's mentioned that they hold marriage in high regard but isn't Sam the victim of being cheated on by his wife and betrayed by his friend? I can only come to the conclusion that they wouldn't approve of a man letting his wife sleep around but still, that seems presumptuous and excessive even for the mob. (02:22:10)

Answer: It's also possible that the "bosses" would be concerned that a rift between Nicky and Sam could bring public (police) attention to the criminal activities going on behind the scenes. These are, after all, two very egotistical individuals.

Answer: Concern about their affair probably has nothing to do with "mob morality" but with the possible complications and unwanted attention that Nick and Ginger, who is a volatile and unpredictable alcoholic and drug addict, could cause for the casino operators, who are being investigated by the F.B.I.


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