Trivia: Betty Buckley really slapped Nancy Allen across the face during the detention scene. Brian DePalma wanted the right reaction.

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Trivia: The high school is called Bates' High School, a reference to Psycho.

Trivia: Director Brian de Palma originally wanted Sissy Spacek to play Chris Hargenson (now portrayed by Nancy Allen). But Spacek wanted to be the star, so she showed up for her audition in a dress her mother made for her in 7th grade. She looked so awkward and hopelessly out of touch with fashion that De Palma cast her as Carrie.

Trivia: Brian De Palma was casting the film at the same time George Lucas was casting "Star Wars." Sissy Spacek was considered to play Princess Leia, and Carrie Fisher was considered to play Carrie.

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Trivia: In the scene where the fire hose is spraying Norma, the force of the water hitting her ear when she turned her head, it broke one of her eardrums. Therefore where Norma dies she is actually passing out from the pain.

Trivia: In a deleted scene, Carrie causes small rocks to rain from the sky. Huge boulders were supposed to rain at the end of the film when the house collapsed, but the machine that sprayed them jammed. So the filmmakers decided to just burned the house down instead. However, they had already filmed the indoor shots with the rocks coming through. But somehow they got away with it.

Trivia: The final scene when Sue Snell puts the flowers on Carrie's grave, the hand is actually Sissy Spacek's. Sissy was in a box underneath the ground. She refused to use a stunt double.

Trivia: The voice of the little boy on the bike who yells "Creepy Carrie. Creepy Carrie." is Betty Buckley's voice.


Trivia: The boy on the bike that yells "Creepy Carrie, creepy Carrie!" is Brian De Palma's nephew Cameron.

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Trivia: Sue Snell's mother was played by Amy Irving's real mom Priscilla Pointer.

Continuity mistake: When Norma and Helen are in the salon, and they are talking about Carrie going to the prom with Tommy, Norma is getting a fancy hairdo done for the prom. But in the next gym scene, she has her plain braids and a cap on. (00:48:20)

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Suggested correction: When you watch the movie leading up to that event, it's obvious that Norma is a tomboy, and is always wearing a ball cap and wearing her hair like that. It's who she is and perhaps decided after her hair was done that it wasn't really like her and decided to go back to her look after she saw the result.

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Carrie: Tommy?
Tommy Ross: Yeah?
Carrie: Why?
Tommy Ross: Why what?
Carrie: Why am I here?
Tommy Ross: Because it's the prom.
Carrie: Why am I here with you?
Tommy Ross: Because I asked you.
Carrie: Why'd you ask me?
Tommy Ross: Because I wanted to.
Carrie: Why'd you want to?
Tommy Ross: Because you liked my poem. Only I didn't write it. Somebody else did.
Carrie: Oh.

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