Trivia: Director Brian de Palma originally wanted Sissy Spacek to play Chris Hargenson (eventually portrayed by Nancy Allen). But Spacek wanted to be the star, so she showed up for her audition in a dress her mother made for her in 7th grade. She looked so awkward and hopelessly out of touch with fashion that De Palma cast her as Carrie.

Trivia: In the scene where the fire hose is spraying Norma, the force of the water hitting her ear when she turned her head, it broke one of her eardrums. Therefore where Norma dies she is actually passing out from the pain.

Trivia: The high school is called Bates' High School, a reference to Psycho.

Trivia: In a deleted scene, Carrie causes small rocks to rain from the sky. Huge boulders were supposed to rain at the end of the film when the house collapsed, but the machine that sprayed them jammed. So the filmmakers decided to just burned the house down instead. However, they had already filmed the indoor shots with the rocks coming through. But somehow they got away with it.

Trivia: The final scene when Sue Snell puts the flowers on Carrie's grave, the hand is actually Sissy Spacek's. Sissy was in a box underneath the ground. She refused to use a stunt double.

Trivia: When Carrie is locked in her prayer closet and when she takes her mother into the closet while the house is crumbling, a creepy religious figure appears in the closet. Most critics have regarded this figure as a statue of the crucified Christ but is actually a statue of Saint Sebastian who was tied to a tree or post and shot with arrows, but survives the attack.

Character mistake: During the opening scene, the girls are playing volleyball. The score was announced, and game point was announced. When the ball is served it comes to Sue, she hits the ball twice, in succession, which is against the rules, she is on the same team as Carrie. This should have ended the game, but the point continues, the team they are both on gets the ball over the net, then it comes back, right at Carrie, she does not hit the ball, then the game is over, and a few of her teammates can be heard saying various insults about her inability to play the game and so forth. If they would have been playing by the rules, the ball should have never even came to Carrie.


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Margaret White: Witch. Got Satan's Power.
Carrie: It has nothing to do with Satan, Mama. It's me. Me. If I concentrate hard enough, I can move things.

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Question: Carrie is seen crying after she realizes that Tommy is dead. I can only assume that she actually cared about him but she still believes he was good and didn't take part in the prank, right? And at the end does she actually care about Sue and forgive her?

Answer: Since blood was dumped on him too she must have realized that he wasn't a part of it, so yes, she cared for him. In the book when Carrie touches Sue, they link minds and Carrie sees that Sue felt bad about teasing her and was trying to do something nice to atone, and had nothing to do with Chris' nasty prank. So yes it's safe to say she grieved for Tommy and forgave Sue.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: In this version, Carrie never weeps for Tommy's death, and it's never indicated whether or not she was even aware that he died. And she never directly encounters Sue in this version, so we don't know her thoughts about her either. The film was likely trying to leave some things open-ended, so that audiences could interpret them as they wanted.

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