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Really nice movie that I watch for halloween.

10/10. A masterpiece of horror movies. Carrie is scary, sad, and relatable all at the same time. Sissy Spacek's masterful performance as Carrie White is one to be remembered. She plays the character with such skill that I felt sorry for her within minutes after the opening credits. Nobody else could play the role as excellently as she did. A few have but not with that same pizzazz as Spacek. People remember the prom scene mostly. I remember the build to this like a bomb ready to go off. If anything. Carrie represents how man can only take so much cruelty from both people and the world itself before snapping. This movie's a must see for horror fans during the silver age of horror going from the 1970's to the early 90's. I really liked Sissy Spacek's performance in it, she's talented and gorgeous.


Carrie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Billy Nolan's 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS changes to a 1967 Pontiac Firebird with a black vinyl roof, then back to the Chevelle SS as Carrie overturns it. (01:17:50 - 01:21:10)

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Margaret White: Witch. Got Satan's Power.
Carrie: It has nothing to do with Satan, Mama. It's me. Me. If I concentrate hard enough, I can move things.

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Question: Did Tommy die? If so, did his body get burned up?

Answer: He did die in the end when the mother sue was on the phone she mentions "losing tommy and the others" or something like that.

Answer: Most likely he did die. After Carrie set the gym on fire, she walked out and locked the gym doors behind her so that no one could escape, leaving Tommy to die too.

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