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Barney picture

Trivia: When the oldest boy is hit in the face with a basketball, he blurts out "Oh, f***!"

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Rocky picture

Trivia: During the scene before the fight, where Rocky enters the ring and sees the 2 portraits of him and Apollo, the error on Rocky's shorts was an actual error made by the art crew, and Sylvester Stallone rewrote the scene when he saw this mistake.

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Taxi Driver picture Taxi Driver trivia picture

Trivia: Director Martin Scorsese makes more then just a cameo in this film, he's the passenger that sits with Travis talking about how he's going to kill his wife for cheating on him with a black man. He's credited as "Man Watching Silhouette".

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All the President's Men picture

Trivia: Frank Wills, the security guard who discovered the Watergate break-in, plays himself.

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The Outlaw Josey Wales picture

Trivia: Some of the combat footage shown during the opening credits comes from John Huston's classic Civil War film, "The Red Badge of Courage" (1951). (00:08:22)

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Midway picture

Trivia: The film-makers only had three vintage US aircraft for the production, namely two F4F Wildcat fighters and a PBY Catalina search plane. All of the other aircraft that appear are from either wartime footage or from previous war movies.

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The Pink Panther Strikes Again picture

Trivia: Watch the two men in the club when Clouseau enters. One of them gives the other a cigarette. The acceptee then puts the lit end in his mouth.

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Bugsy Malone picture

Trivia: All of the singing in this film was dubbed by adult vocalists.

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The Omen picture

Trivia: The smile that Damien gives at the very end wasn't scripted. Originally, Damien was supposed to "look really mean," but Harvey Stephens couldn't keep a straight face: he started to smile, then laugh. Richard Donner decided that the smile made Damien look even more evil, so it stayed in the movie.

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Assault on Precinct 13 picture

Trivia: The assault takes place on Precinct 9, Division 13. There is no "Precinct 13" in the film. At first John Carpenter wanted to call the film "The Anderson Alamo" (the original title of his screenplay), and at one point he changed the working title to "The Siege." CKK, the film's distributor, was responsible for the misnomer; it rejected Carpenter's titles and came up with the name "Assault on Precinct 13" (which it felt was more ominous sounding) during post-production.


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Network picture

Trivia: At the very start of the credits, just after "Metro Goldwyn Mayer" disappears, Karen Allen walks across screen, in her very first film role.

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Family Plot picture

Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette can be seen in the window of the registry of births and deaths office. He is the figure on the right pointing at the figure on the left.


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Mother, Jugs & Speed picture

Trivia: The lady wrestlers are real life ones, the blond being Vivian St John, the brunette being Barbi Dahl.


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Carry On England picture

Trivia: Kenneth Connor's line, "I've been regular for eighteen years", is an in-joke about his time in the "Carry On" films. He made his debut in 1958, and when the film was released in 1976, he was in the films for eighteen years.

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The Enforcer picture

Trivia: In the film two hoods are called "Lalo" and "Buchinski". "Lalo" is a reference to Lalo Schifrin, composer of the other "Dirty Harry" movie soundtracks. "Buchinski" was the real last name of the actor Charles Bronson.

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Silent Movie picture

Trivia: This film is in the Guiness Book Of World Records as having the fewest spoken lines of any sound movie. The famous mime, Marcel Marceau, has the only speaking line in this movie. His one line was only one word: "No".


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King Kong picture

Trivia: Fay Wray, who had played Ann Darrow in the 1933 version of King Kong, was offered a cameo in this movie. Wray refused, because she hated the script.

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