Mother, Jugs & Speed

Mother, Jugs & Speed (1976)

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Continuity mistake: When Mother is pulling up to the burger joint, you see his partner with his car window open. He's even resting his arm on the door. The camera angle changes as they pull up to the drive through and you see his partner lowering his window down so they can place an order.


Continuity mistake: When the blonde wrestler falls out of the ring she hurts her right side, area above her hip, clutching it. When Larry Hagman tries touching it he touches the left side instead.


Factual error: When the lady wrestler falls out of the ring she lands on front row seats, pro wrestling doesn't allow chairs that close and there's no barricade there either.


Harry Fishbine: This is still the United States of America, god damn it! Los Angeles, California! Land of the free, home of the.
Mother: Rams and the Dodgers.

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Trivia: The lady wrestlers are real life ones, the blond being Vivian St John, the brunette being Barbi Dahl.


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