Revealing mistake: When Carl is caddying for the priest during the bad weather, the wind is so strong that it is almost blowing them over but the trees are not moving in the background.

Revealing mistake: Lesser caddies sneaking around the golf course are seen with the print of their T-shirt in reverse (mirror) image, suggesting a decision by the director (Harold Ramis) to influence the on-screen direction of movement.

Revealing mistake: During the opening credits, the gopher is tunneling under the grass and plowing it up as he goes. In one of these shots, the path the gopher will take can be seen before he even gets there. The darker special-effects grass that the underground "gopher" will tear up is obvious. (00:00:35)

Revealing mistake: In the swimming pool scene, Lacey Underall's high dive is not done by actress Cindy Morgan and is obviously done by a stunt double and/or professional diver.

Daniel Garner

Revealing mistake: During the pool scene, one of the boys loses his shorts, it's obvious he is wearing flesh-coloured underwear.

Andy Benham Premium member

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