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Continuity mistake: After becoming fed up with his Luke Wilson's slow driving, Lawrence decides to take over. When he jumps the bridge, they cut to the reactions of the actors inside the car. You can see in the background that they are not airborne, but still on the ground.

Continuity mistake: In two different scenes, both starting off in the same location (the office area of the police station), we can see the same heavy-set guy with a goatee, wearing a blue plaid shirt being escorted in handcuffs by the same police officer.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where he is driving the remote control car, he has glasses and a remote control. He walks into a debriefing still driving the car but when the lights go on the glasses and remote vanish.

Continuity mistake: Martin is hanging off the side of an armoured truck near the end of the film. If you look behind him, you can see the background change several times.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the armoured truck is running for the border, in one shot its headlight is broken. In the next shot the light is magically fixed.

Visible crew/equipment: When the bank security guard is looking into the room before the vault, you can clearly see a reflection of a video camera on the glass door.

Other mistake: In the scene where the store owner pulls out a shotgun and starts to shoot at the robber, you see the glass on the drink displayer shatter. However, if you look closer you can see that the soda bottles remain untouched.

Continuity mistake: In the scene right before they raid the bonded truck, look in the background, and you will notice that their car is directly behind the bonded truck, then in the very next scene the car is right on the side of the bonded truck, and the traffic in that lane is stopped all the way back.

Visible crew/equipment: Lawrence dresses as a pizza delivery guy and begins talking to himself outside the police station. When he opens the door, you can clearly see the reflection of crew members in the background and onlookers.

Continuity mistake: At La Fleur's warehouse, Martin Laurence punches Dave Chapelle in the face and as he gets dragged away we can see blood emerging from his nose. He even says "My nose is bleeding." However, in a subsequent shot soon after, as Chapelle stuffs a pack of heroin into his jacket there is no sign of blood on his face, clothing or hands.

Factual error: When the drug lord hands Malone the gun near the end to shoot the double-crosser, the hammer is cocked back. The drug lord then opens the cylinder and takes out all bullets but one. There are 2 mistakes here: 1) There are no revolvers that open up with the hammer cocked, to avoid accidental firing. They all stay locked shut until the hammer is put back down. 2) The bullet is in the wrong position to be fired next, yet it fires on the first attempt. It should be in the first position to the right (one o'clock) from the hammer.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Carlson and Hardcastle spoof Miles about busting him, the two cops are on the U.S. side of the border, and Miles is on the Mexican side. In the overhead shot of them as Carlson says "...we can't make it - you're out of our jurisdiction," and he taps the yellow border line with his foot, look carefully at their shadows - all are long and facing the upper right hand corner of the screen. However, in all the frontal shots of Miles as he talks to them and throws a little dance, the shadows on all the buildings and trees behind him (in Mexico) are facing towards his right - in other words, in the opposite direction of the shadows from the overhead shot.


Continuity mistake: After the truck crosses the Mexican border, Lawrence talks with the FBI Detective about crossing the border. Between the meeting of the LAPD Chief and the dialogue between Lawrence and the FBI Officer, quite a bit of time elapses. Yet when Lawrence hops into the cop car and pursues the truck, the truck is practicaly beside the border station, it doesn't make sense taking the speed he was travelling at. Surely the Federali would have busted him if he stopped?

Visible crew/equipment: When Saverio Guerra runs into the clothes line after the chase sequence with Martin Lawrence after they bust the B96 truck, when he runs out of the house into the line, if you look close, you can clearly tell that it is not really Guerra, that is is a stunt double. This is even clearer if you pause the tape as they show his face.

Factual error: ML is caught by the LAPD without the diamond which was obviously never found. Fine, the site is huge and they may have thought the accomplice took it. However, its inconceivable that the insurance company and the police would not keep surveillance on him after a $17MM diamond was missing for 2 years. They should have been on him like a hawk.

Continuity mistake: When the druglord hands Malone the gun to shoot the double crosser, watch the hammer, it starts open and then it closes and opens several times between shots as Malone holds it.

Continuity mistake: When the truck driver hauling the stash of heroin is running from Malone the sweat pattern on his tank top mysteriously changes in size and shape, also it disappears completely when he's running into the house.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Martin Lawrence firsts enters the 3rd floor from the elevator, he stands for a moment looking around, he then walks away and the camera zooms in to the Police room, at the top left of the picture in the glass door you can see the camera. (00:23:45)

Other mistake: When Saverio Guerra runs into the clothes line after the chase sequence with Martin Lawrence, you will notice that the clothes that fall on his face after he hits the ground were not on the clothes line, also the clothes that did fall off disappear.

Plot hole: When Miles tries to hand the pizza to Carlson, he steals the ID card off him. Carlson would have realised that he had lost the card the next time he came to open a security door and would have reported it as lost. This means that his original card would have been blocked, meaning that Miles wouldn't have been able to use it.

William Glen

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Suggested correction: Unless he didn't report it lost due to the fear of being reprimanded for losing the card.


Miles is a strictly by the book cop. No way he wouldn't report his ID card as lost. The original posting is correct. Correcting an entry by guessing what may have been going through a character's mind only works if it fits the characters usual mindset or attitude, which this correction doesn't.


So without a card how would he be getting through the security doors? Are you saying he would just stand there and wait for someone to swipe their card and just piggyback behind them? And how long is that supposed to last?

No, I'd say the original entry for a plot hole is correct and that the card shouldn't have worked.


Well to be completely honest this whole movie doesn't make sense. Wouldn't it be more rational to try to sneak in the backdoor disguised as a janitor instead of impersonating a detective? Most people would not question a man wearing a janitorial outfit, examining the vents. Yeah its still a risky move but not nearly as risky or time consuming as impersonating a cop. It is hard to believe someone as clever as Miles would not at least consider the idea.

Tulley: Then he said I was ugly and I couldn't read good.

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Trivia: Anytime there is an overhead shot of the LAPD police cars, number 664 is always there. ML even drives it at one point, and I think in one shot where he chases the armoured car, its number is 664.

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Question: How is it that Carlson can know that Miles hid the diamond in the police station, but not know what Miles looks like?


Answer: He most likely noticed a lot of weird stuff and started piecing it together. Like Miles having an obsession with the ventilation system, Tulley shouting Miles over and over again down the alley and again when he says Logan owes him $50,000. He'd be able to access police records and see that Miles Logan was arrested inside that very building whilst it was still under construction but the diamond wasn't on him... At this point, it wouldn't take much to figure out what was happening and who he was.

But if there are records of Miles' arrest that he can access, shouldn't there be an accompanying mugshot?


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