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Blue Streak (1999)

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Factual error: None of the police vehicles, marked or unmarked, have a steady red light to the front, as required on ALL emergency vehicles in California, but not required in any other US state.

Continuity mistake: When Martin Lawrence is interrogating the driver of the "B 96" Truck and smashing his face with the door, the truck driver's position keeps changing each time you see him.

Other mistake: In the beginning, when Miles gets out of prison and goes to visit his ex, when she's talking to him from upstairs window, someone is on a bike right behind him - frozen still and not moving. Then, when Miles goes to leave, no one is behind him or the bike.

Continuity mistake: When Malone and Carlson are airborne in the car, a car travelling ahead of them has its trunk open. In the following scene its trunk is closed.

Factual error: The scene where you see the Mexican officials coming down the dirt road, you can see the stop sign in English when they are in Mexico. It should say Alto.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Miles and the other bloke are talking, there is dust on his gun that disappears and reappears constantly. (01:22:00)


Continuity mistake: Miles' police car gets wrecked when the truck at the end hits it and it suffers serious damage. This includes knocking the lights off the top of the car, but when Miles is leaving having killed his ex-partner from the robbery at the start, it is in better condition with the lights back on the car.


Continuity mistake: When the man picks up the harpoon at the start to fire across the street, it is not loaded. Camera cuts and it is now loaded.


Continuity mistake: When asked if he is smoking at the start, the man replies no. You then see a pile of fag (cigarette) butts on the floor. When the cop car is first shown, they have disappeared.


Continuity mistake: Just as Miles plans the sting, he closes a door with a red sign on it. The camera cuts to the outside and the sign has switched doors.


Factual error: The truck at the end wouldn't get as far as it does (about 1.5 miles to 2 miles) with four flat tires and having hit all the stuff it did. Including police cars, road blocks and 4x4's.


Tulley: I'll rip your lips off, and kiss my ass with them shits. I'll rip your tongue out, and lick my balls with it.

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Trivia: Anytime there is an overhead shot of the LAPD police cars, number 664 is always there. ML even drives it at one point, and I think in one shot where he chases the armoured car, its number is 664.

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Question: How is it that Carlson can know that Miles hid the diamond in the police station, but not know what Miles looks like?


Answer: He most likely noticed a lot of weird stuff and started piecing it together. Like Miles having an obsession with the ventilation system, Tulley shouting Miles over and over again down the alley and again when he says Logan owes him $50,000. He'd be able to access police records and see that Miles Logan was arrested inside that very building whilst it was still under construction but the diamond wasn't on him... At this point, it wouldn't take much to figure out what was happening and who he was.

But if there are records of Miles' arrest that he can access, shouldn't there be an accompanying mugshot?


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