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Corrected entry: Martin bangs Saverio Guerra's (Benny) head into the armored truck's steering wheel. If you look close, you notice his head doesn't even come close to hitting it.

Correction: I just watched the movie and his head does hit the wheel.


Corrected entry: At the end Carlson and Logan are about to hug over the Mexico/USA line, but they stop because of the jurisdiction. There is no reason Carlson can't give him a hug. The FBI agent specifically states "we cannot pursue suspects across the border." Well Carlson has no intention of pursuing a suspect.

Correction: That's the joke. He doesn't want to pursue him but being by the books cop, he technically should arrest him if he can. So he can do what he wants to (not arrest Logan) by hiding behind the technicality that Logan is in Mexico. If they hug on US soil then he needs to bring him in.


Corrected entry: Since ML's partner was shot and killed during the commission of a felony, he would have been charged with felony murder and gotten a lot more than 2 years in prison.


Correction: Eddie is murdered by Deacon and given that Deacon betrayed the group, Miles could have testified in court about any of Deacon's previous criminal activities that he was privy to in exchange for immunity to Eddie's murder and/or a reduced sentence.


Since none of that is actually stated in the movie you're just making it up.


Miles was never charged with felony murder in the movie either, you are making that up too! You stated what you believed to be a mistake, and Phaneron gave, within the context of the movie universe, an explanation as to why your alleged mistake was incorrect.

We as viewers are allowed to speculate as to what happens in movies off-screen in order to fill in gaps in the narrative. Obviously Miles would have had a trial prior to his sentencing, but the trial itself would have been neither essential to the plot or interesting to watch, and since Miles is released after two years, it's fair to assume he struck some kind of deal.


We can speculate all we want. Doesn't make it canon.


No, it doesn't make it canon. By that same token, you asserting that Miles should have received a longer sentence despite the film providing us no details as to how his trial went down doesn't make it a movie mistake either.


Corrected entry: ML uses his hand-saw to cut the rope when he is hanging between buildings. He cuts the rope in front of him, therefore he should have fallen backward, but he fell forward into the construction site.

Correction: When watching the film there is absolutely no way to tell that he is cutting in front of the thing he is holding on to. The camera angles make this impossible to know. This mistake is just an assumption.

Corrected entry: After the truck crosses the Mexican border, the Mexican Federales use a stinger and you can see blowouts in all 4 tires. Yet when Lawrence pursues the vehicle in the cop car, the tires are intact. Surely he does not have James Bond-style self-inflating tires?

Correction: Many armored trucks have run-flat tires, meaning that they can still run when punctured.

Corrected entry: The guy in the grocery store and the crane operator who lifts the truck in the end is the same, even the clothes he is wearing are the same.

Correction: No. The guy who operates the crane is Native American and wears a black vest. In the grocery store nobody looks like him or is dressed like him.


Corrected entry: When Martin Lawrence gets out of prison and goes to visit his girlfriend, Janice, he is standing outside her apartment on the sidewalk and there is a kid on a bike in the background across the street, but he is not moving. The rest of the people across the street in the park are moving, but yet the bike and the kid are still. It is very obvious.

Correction: This is so obvious that it is probably just a kid on the street who thinks it is funny that a loud fight is going on and wants to watch. I can't imagine the crew didnt see him and get rid of him if he didn't belong there as an extra.

Corrected entry: Near the end Martin Lawrence has his enemy at gunpoint. The enemy has the diamond. He shoots the enemy and never takes the diamond from him, but a minute later Martin Lawrence is walking away, and has the diamond.

Correction: Totally wrong. Martin Lawrence convinces the bad guy with the diamond to give it to him in exchange for a promise to get him a reduced prison sentence and a cut of the diamond when he is released.

Corrected entry: When he is going through the construction site's vent system after he steals the diamond, he is crawling head first and then he falls down the chute feet first...

Correction: He could easily crawl back to the last junction (T shaped) and then crawl feet first back in to let himself drop down feet forward (he isn't stupid).


Corrected entry: When Martin Lawrence walks in the store to get asprin when Luke Wilson is taking care of the call they received, they show a man looking at things in the store. When Dave Chapelle holds up the store, the man disappears.

Correction: You can see how the man moves from his corridor (towards the desk) - there is quite a bit of time between seeing the guy and the robbery, the guy could easily left the store without buying anything.


Corrected entry: In a scene near the end, the truck with the drugs in is lifted with an electro-magnet by its roof. Surely the sheet-steel metal of the roof is not strong enough to carry the weight of the truck without ripping it away from its fastenings?

Correction: The roof of any vehicle does have structural support beams that the sheet metal is welded to. A magnet can and does pick up a vehicle. I have witnessed this happen many times at salvage yards.

Agreed. Scrapyards use giant electromagnets to pick up cars all the time.


Correction: This was obviously as well planned operation and as such, the drug lord probably made sure that the truck could handle the magnet.

Corrected entry: At the end when Martin Lawrence begins speaking in Spanish he say "Tengo el gato mis pantalones." Luke Wilson goes onto say "You just said you have a big cat in your pants.'" That's not true. If that's what he said, he would have said "Tengo un gato grande en mis pantalones." What he said was "I have the pants."

Correction: Well, Carlson is a bit bumbling in several aspects through the movie. We even hear him say more specifically in this scene, "You just said you have a...a big cat in your pants." He obviously might be rusty with his Spanish, too; he just understood the basic error that Miles had made.


Corrected entry: Right at the beginning when Miles is faced with the guard at the robbery, he sets off the fire system and then puts on a gas mask. This is your standard Halon system. The chemical smothers the fire by removing oxygen and leaves no damage. However, a gas mask is of no use as there is nothing to filter. What would have been correct is an oxygen bottle.

Correction: Halon does not smother a fire by removing oxygen. This is a common misconception.

Continuity mistake: In two different scenes, both starting off in the same location (the office area of the police station), we can see the same heavy-set guy with a goatee, wearing a blue plaid shirt being escorted in handcuffs by the same police officer.

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Tulley: That guy Logan owes me $50,000... If I don't get it soon, I'M talkin'.

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Trivia: Anytime there is an overhead shot of the LAPD police cars, number 664 is always there. ML even drives it at one point, and I think in one shot where he chases the armoured car, its number is 664.

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Question: How is it that Carlson can know that Miles hid the diamond in the police station, but not know what Miles looks like?


Answer: He most likely noticed a lot of weird stuff and started piecing it together. Like Miles having an obsession with the ventilation system, Tulley shouting Miles over and over again down the alley and again when he says Logan owes him $50,000. He'd be able to access police records and see that Miles Logan was arrested inside that very building whilst it was still under construction but the diamond wasn't on him... At this point, it wouldn't take much to figure out what was happening and who he was.

But if there are records of Miles' arrest that he can access, shouldn't there be an accompanying mugshot?


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