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Blank Check (1994)

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Corrected entry: The kid cashes a check for a million dollars and spends it over roughly a month. No bank in America would cash a check for that much without A. verifying the amount with the issuer of the check and B. waiting 10-15 days for the check to clear.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Since the FBI was on him from the start, it's entirely possilbe they OK'd the deposit ASAP. This would give them a head start on tracking the issuer.


Continuity mistake: Immediately prior to Preston and Shay dancing in the fountains, Shay is wearing high heels. While dancing in the fountain, she wears flats. After leaving the fountain she is once again wearing high heels.

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Comuter Voice: Ralph and Damien sleep butt to face, butt to face, butt to face.

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Trivia: The castle that is seen in the movie is an actual house in Austin, Texas, where much of the movie was filmed. An interesting point is that it is merely a facade; the rest of the house behind it is normal.

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