Blank Check

Continuity mistake: Immediately prior to Preston and Shay dancing in the fountains, Shay is wearing high heels. While dancing in the fountain, she wears flats. After leaving the fountain she is once again wearing high heels.

Continuity mistake: Right after the guy writes a check and sees the cop pull around the corner, he gives the kid the check. When he takes off in his car, the bike has disappeared.

Jason Sieberg

Continuity mistake: When Preston is receiving the money from the bank, the banker tells him to put his backpack on the desk. Preston does as told and then the shot goes to the banker putting in the combination to the safe. Then the camera goes back to Preston and he is putting the backpack on the desk again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the banker is burning the check that Preston hands him, he starts to burn it near the bottom corner of the check. Then the camera shifts to a close up of the check and you see him burning it in the middle as opposed to the corner.

Joshua Levine

Continuity mistake: When Preston and Shay are dancing around in the fountains at the restaurant, Shay's dress is wet, and in some shots her dress is dry. This mistake occurs often during this scene.

Continuity mistake: During the park chase, Preston loses the backpack in a wooded area, but it inexplicably winds up in an open area a few minutes later.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Preston is being chased at the restaurant, the water sprays turn on and the bad guys fall over including the banker. We see him get back up. But immediately in the next shot, he is back on the ground and is getting up again.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: When Quigly is launched into the pool. He is quite obviously going at an angle, but when the shot cuts, he falls completely straight down into the pool.


Continuity mistake: When Preston's dad walks into the room on Mr. Macintosh's birthday, and he mistakes Preston in a big desk chair for Macintosh, his hands keep alternating from side his hips, to in his pockets, or by his ankles.

Low Cow

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