Blank Check

Other mistake: When Preston puts the VR headset on Beiderman, he reacts in a very strange manner. Yes, it's better for the movie, but it doesn't make sense in-universe, as it would take very little effort to simply lift the headset off to remove it.


Other mistake: When Preston's dad starts to back out of the driveway, he abruptly stops to avoid hitting the moving truck, as if it had just recently appeared there. But they've been there for a while. As soon as he stops, he gets out of the car to start complaining, and the truck driver has already been out of the car for a significant amount of time.


Other mistake: During the park chase, Preston swipes the backpack from the person that picks it up, and is still being chased by Quigly. He somehow manages to put the backpack on in a span of about 7 seconds. Considering he is pedaling for his life, and the fear of the men catching him, it's unreasonable to assume that he could have done such a feat so quickly.


Continuity mistake: Right after the guy writes a check and sees the cop pull around the corner, he gives the kid the check. When he takes off in his car, the bike has disappeared.

Jason Sieberg

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Comuter Voice: Ralph and Damien sleep butt to face, butt to face, butt to face.

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Trivia: The castle that is seen in the movie is an actual house in Austin, Texas, where much of the movie was filmed. An interesting point is that it is merely a facade; the rest of the house behind it is normal.

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Question: How did Preston's backpack end up in the wide park area even though he left it in the woods?

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