Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

Continuity mistake: When Frank is going to look for a disguise he drives into a parking meter. The way the parking meter lies on the hood of the car changes between shots.


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Audio problem: When Rocco is testing the bomb in the morning in the cabin, when he says, "We're going to detonate it", his mouth isn't moving with the words.


Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the prams roll down the stairs you can see the ignition pipes that shoots out the babies. Clearly visible in the first pram. You also see some sort of ignition smoke from one of the prams after the baby has been "shot" out.


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie you can see a bench at the end of the stairs. When the prams roll down the stairs and ram into the bench, the bench has moved closer to the stairs and is now bigger.

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Continuity mistake: When Fred and Rocco gets to Rocco's house you can see the air conditioner behind them is on when Rocco says his mom is itchy about trying her new gun. When Tanya enters the room it cuts back to Frank and Rocco and now the air conditioner is off.


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Audio problem: At the Academy Awards they show a clip for best picture for "Mother." During this clip, there is one character singing yet his/her mouth isn't moving.


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Continuity mistake: Right after the title sequence when Papshmir is visiting Rocco, when Rocco hold his hand against the window to show Papshmir something, at the end of that shot you can see the reflection of Rocco smiling, but the next shot of him, he isn't smiling.



Deliberate mistake: At the end, when the applause sign falls on Rocco's mom, it should stop working.



Audio problem: When the prisoner guard is being force fed with beans one of the prisoners stands behind him and says "Come on son, you can do it. Eat some beans." Then you see his lips continue to move but you can't hear him say anything.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene early on in the movie where Frank goes to the fertility clinic, he sits on the waiting couch and reaches for a paper. The headline on the paper of the man sitting behind him changes from the shot where Frank sits down and the shot immediately following that, when he's actually called by Tanya.

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Suggested correction: This is a common gag in the film series. The headlines are humorous and it's a way to get more than one jokes in.


Continuity mistake: When Jane meets the guy outside of the club and shocks him, he isn't even standing in the road. When he gets run over, he's right in the middle of the road.



Continuity mistake: When Frank is disguised as Phil Donahue he jumps on the end of the stairs, but in the next shot he's on the side of the stairs.



Continuity mistake: The writing on the hankie, in lipstick, changes from when Frank wrote it to when Jane opens it. When Frank writes the number "21409" its touching his initials (the monogrammed FD). But later when we see it, the numbers are above the initials.

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Frank Drebin: Hey, Rocco. Who's the old bag? She take one in the face?
Rocco: She's my mother.
Frank Drebin: Oh. Mrs. Dillon, your son is a ruthless, sadistic, cold-blooded animal. You must be very proud of him.
Mrs. Dillon: I am.



In the credits, after the entry for weapons handler, there's a credit for concealed weapons handler, a Leon Czolgosz. In case you were wondering, Czolgosz was the anarchist who killed President McKinely in 1901 at the Pan-American Exhibition in Buffalo (New York) by concealing a handgun under a bandage.