Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

Corrected entry: Rocco places the bomb in the "Best Actress" envelope, but Drebin discovers the bomb in the "Best Picture" envelope during the announcement for Best Picture.


Correction: No, he doesn't. He grabbed a stack of envelopes and put it in the bottom envelope. The top envelope was "Best Actress", but there were several underneath it and he ends up putting it in the "Best Picture" envelope.


Corrected entry: When Frank burps up the shredded pieces of paper you see pieces coming out even though his mouth is almost closed.


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Correction: His mouth is opened wide enough to look like it could come out of his mouth. Even using slow motion to watch you can see. It's only after the paper is "burped" out that they spread out wider than his mouth.


Corrected entry: When they're in prison and you see the people jumping over the prison wall, you hear a dog barking. The dog's bark is cut short suddenly for no reason.


Correction: You can hear 4 distinct barks from the dog, 2 before and 2 after the scream. But they're never cut short. If the dog had bitten the man, it wouldn't be able to continue barking.


Corrected entry: When Frank is talking to Jane after tying up Rocco's mom, Jane is mouthing Frank's line, "Don't you see?"


Correction: She is not mouthing "Don't you see" she is mouthing "children" That word really touched her because in the all of the movie she is trying to have a child with him.

Corrected entry: When the guy is run over outside of the club, he flies back a long way. About 15 seconds later, he gets up from the spot where he got hit.


Correction: This was done intentionally given the circumstances of the gag and there is enough time in between the two shots.

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Frank Drebin: Hey, Rocco. Who's the old bag? She take one in the face?
Rocco: She's my mother.
Frank Drebin: Oh. Mrs. Dillon, your son is a ruthless, sadistic, cold-blooded animal. You must be very proud of him.
Mrs. Dillon: I am.



When Frank is going to look for a disguise he drives into a parking meter. The way the parking meter lies on the hood of the car changes between shots.



In the credits, after the entry for weapons handler, there's a credit for concealed weapons handler, a Leon Czolgosz. In case you were wondering, Czolgosz was the anarchist who killed President McKinely in 1901 at the Pan-American Exhibition in Buffalo (New York) by concealing a handgun under a bandage.