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Blair Witch Project was one of the first horror/thriller films to use the "found footage" gimmick for a scripted film, and it did it very well. Three young adult friends head off to the Black Hills forest in Maryland to investigate the legends and rumors about a supposedly supernatural being that is associated with horrific mysterious deaths and disappearances over the course of decades. Ill-prepared and intending on the excursion to amount to little more than an interesting video, they are soon confronted with being hopelessly lost, pursued and tormented by an unseen, malevolent entity or entities. Original at its time, the scares were generated through the creepy situations, uneven pacing, very credible acting and the plausible premise of an amateur documentary gone terribly wrong. The group argues, accuses, grows frustrated and desperate as everything seems to go wrong and they realise they might never escape in a convincing way! On a micro budget, Blair Witch Project succeeds in being disturbing, even frightening, where others fail. Shaky cam might not be for everyone, though, but it still packs some great tension and fear that, years later, it's still worth revisiting! Just don't stay in that forest long, and avoid that dark shambles of a house within the woods.

Erik M.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie when they are in the hotel room they are drinking Killian's beer. However, the label on the Killian's bottle was a new style label. When the movie was supposedly shot the Killlian's would have had the old style label.

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Trivia: The first time they filmed the part with Josh's teeth and flannel in the sticks, the directors had left it outside the tent, not telling Heather. When she got up in the morning, she picked up the bundle of sticks and threw them off to the side without looking at it. They had to contact her and re-shoot it.

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Question: At the end when the girl 'dies' you can see someone in the corner. Who is it?

Answer: It is Mike. If you remember from earlier in the movie it was said that one person was made to stand in the corner while the other person was killed.


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