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Corrected entry: How come they have the battery power to film for so long? They're in the woods for longer than they thought they'd be, and surely they didn't bring hundreds of spares, just in case!

Correction: When doing a check of equipment she makes the comment they have enough power to power a small country for a month.

Corrected entry: If you watch really carefully at some scenery shots in this film, some appear to be in the same area as what they just filmed in - even when the progression of the film suggests they have moved to a different place.


Correction: That's the thing. They thought they were in different areas, but were lost and walking in circles. It happens to even experienced hikers, which they weren't, when not using a compass.


Corrected entry: Why did the cast have the sense to pack everything for their trip in the woods, yet throughout the film, no-one bothers to include any means of communication, such as a mobile phone or more likely a pager?


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. For starters, they were students and may not necessarily have had the money to splurge on a cell phone in 1994. also, a pager wouldn't have done them any good, as they only receive pages, they don't send them. Finally, like so many people, the students didn't expect to get lost in the woods, so they didn't prepare for every contingency. Not very smart (just as not bringing a weapon is arguably unwise) but not a mistake.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: They have Heather twice on the two different cameras - it's really obvious when she finds the mysterious thing, and the second obvious time is when she pants and slows down.

Correction: This is supposed to be a documentary compiled by footage discovered, so in all likelyhood, they simply were recording on and off throughout the days, allowing for her to be in two camera angles at once in the finished film, as one camera could have been shut off, and handed over to another person, etc.

Corrected entry: Became the most profitable film based on return of investment excluding marketing costs. The return of investment is an amazing 354,614.29%, as the film had a production budget of $35,000 and grossed $248 million worldwide.


Correction: Regrettably, untrue. It would be nice to believe it but the truth is a little seedier. The pornographic film "Deep Throat" cost US$23,000 to make and to date has grossed an estimated US$1.5 BILLION, almost all of it purloined by crime syndicates. This represents a profit to investment ratio of 6,520,000%. Also, the original trivia item was copied and pasted from

Corrected entry: In the scene where they're crossing a small river we can see Heather Donahue stepping on the log, beginning her way. The one who is shooting her uses a black and white camera (they had two cameras: a small color camera and a big black and white for their movie) and he already crossed the water, so Heather is approaching. Seconds later we see Donahue from behind, already on the destination side and we see it in black and white. But the person with this camera has already crossed the river.

Correction: The dialogue states that she is going to make several trips to "go back and forth" to get the tent/gear across. The second shot of her from behind is still being taken from the "destination" side of the river, she is just returning back to the original side for more equipment. Since the movie is a collection of cut scenes, no continuity mistake is made either.


Corrected entry: Once lost in the woods, a pretty standard tactic is to follow the river: it must eventually lead out of the woods. But these 'seasoned hikers' seem to just keep walking aimlessley in random directions.

Correction: This is a mistake made by the characters in the movie, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the beginning they are interviewing ordinary people (locals) before going off into the woods for a weekend documentary. Two of the people they happen to interview are two local yokels fishing in a small, shallow river. The mistake is that the men are fishing in the river, and one of the men is using a large, open water lure called a 'Rattle Trap', a lure that's primarily used for largemouth bass in large, open waters, not shallow trout streams. You can't present a 3" lure to a 10" fish. It just doesn't work.

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake. You never saw him catch fish with his lure either, and now we know why.


Corrected entry: If Heather sleeps like a rock, why is it that she can hear everything that goes on at night? Do they wake her up?

Correction: As driven as Heather is to get some evidence on camera, she more than likely decided to stay up at night. It was probably spurred on by the fact that after the first night, Josh said he heard a 'definite cackle'.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: If you look very very carefully at the very end of the film when Heather and Michael are looking for Josh, just before they go into the house, Heather is filming and has Michael on the camera, but somebody wearing white tracksuit bottoms is standing at the side...

Correction: It's a treebranch. If you freeze it in slow-motion, you can tell it's exactly the other 'white glow' of the other treebranches.

Corrected entry: There is one point in the movie where Heather is crossing a log but you hear her also talking right next to the camera that is filming her, as if filming herself. It's very brief, but it's there.

Correction: In the movie they put the audio in differently to what's going on (supposedly edited from the two cameras that were "found"); in other words, sometimes the sound isn't supposed to go with what you're seeing.

Corrected entry: In the last shot of the last scene, who is holding the camera that focuses on Josh from behind, if Heather is screaming far away from the camera?

Correction: Heather is. There are two cameras: a regular camcorder and the black & white (I forget the technical term). The camcorder is the only one of the two that records sound. Michael was carrying the camcorder into the basement and was attacked by the Blair Witch. However the camcorder kept recording, thus the distant screams from Heather. By the way, Josh isn't the one standing in the corner, Michael is. Remember, Josh is already dead.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the main characters are looking for Josh in the old house. When Heather is about to walk down stairs she pans across a window if you watch it in slow motion you see a person through the window outside the house. There's no way that could be glass still in that house so that could not be a reflection.

Correction: Glass needs 1000+ years to decompose. So why should there be no way for glass to be in the window? So it absolutely could be a reflection.

Correction: There's no person - a 'freeze-frame' in slow mo reveals it's a combination of light reflecting off the walls and tree branches outside.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie when they are in the hotel room they are drinking Killian's beer. However, the label on the Killian's bottle was a new style label. When the movie was supposedly shot the Killlian's would have had the old style label.

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Michael Williams: I could help you, but I'd rather stand here and record.

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Trivia: Writers and directors Myrick and Sanchez were catapulted into stardom and prosperity due to the success of The Blair Witch Project. In an interview, the question was raised: exactly how rich were these two men? One responded, 'I'm not allowed to say, but I'm looking at houses for the first time in my life.'

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Chosen answer: During the beginning interviews with the townspeople, the one guy tells how the killer, Parr, would make his victims stand in the corner as he killed the other kids. He didn't like the way they would look at him, so he made them stand in the corner.

William Bergquist

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