The Blair Witch Project

Factual error: A girl is playing with a Tamagotchi virtual pet in the scene set in 1994, but the toy was not released in Japan until 1996 (it wasn't officially available in the USA until May 1997).


Factual error: In the beginning of the movie when they are in the hotel room they are drinking Killian's beer. However, the label on the Killian's bottle was a new style label. When the movie was supposedly shot the Killlian's would have had the old style label.

Factual error: Notice at the beginning of the movie when they are loading their stuff, you see a 1997 or above Ford F-150 truck sitting at the house across the street. The movie takes place in 1994.

Visible crew/equipment: At the time when they get lost and stumble back to the river and the log, and Heather says "No, it can't be the same log", look across the river. There is someone standing there clad in white, and all three of them are standing on the same side of the river...

Factual error: During the scene in the supermarket, Mike holds up a PowerBar to the camera, but the flavor, Oatmeal Raisin, wasn't introduced until 1996, two years after the documentary was supposed to have been filmed.

Continuity mistake: When Heather first picks up the bundle of sticks she carries them to the river. During this she steps over a log on the ground and if you look closely you can see the black bag containing the guy's teeth fall out but when Heather opens up the bundle it is still there. She couldn't have put it back herself.

Factual error: I don't remember when it occurs, but you hear the sound of cicadas in the woods- this was supposed to take place in October. The last cicadas sound off in early september, during the warm weather.

Factual error: During the scene when the two guys are fishing, the guy on the right is using a bait casting rod, you can tell by the finger grip where the reel connects to the pole. The problem is, the rod is equipped with a spinning reel. A spinning rod has no finger grip.

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Suggested correction: I'm watching the movie right now and there's nothing wrong with the rod. The rods just look like they've been lightly modified to add extra grips and whatnot, which is something you can 100% do. (In fact, I'm literally looking at a website right now where you can buy extra grips just like that to add to spinning rods).


Michael Williams: I could help you, but I'd rather stand here and record.

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Trivia: Became the most profitable film based on return of investment on its theatrical run, excluding marketing costs. The return of investment is an amazing 354,614.29%, as the film had a production budget of $35,000 and grossed $248 million worldwide.


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Chosen answer: During the beginning interviews with the townspeople, the one guy tells how the killer, Parr, would make his victims stand in the corner as he killed the other kids. He didn't like the way they would look at him, so he made them stand in the corner.

William Bergquist

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