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Other mistake: When Deckard visits the Tyrell Corporation, he prepares to test Rachel with the "VK" machine. He is shown putting his briefcase of the table and lifting the "VK" machine out and onto the table. If you look closely, the "VK" machine is already on the table and Harrison Ford is miming the lifting - there is nothing in his hands! (00:19:45)

Other mistake: Bryant mentions that 'six skin jobs' escaped and that one got fried trying to get into the Tyrell building. Four of them die in the movie, so what happened to the last one? [In the "Director's Cut" and "Final Cut" versions the math has been fixed. Bryant now says that two of the replicants got fried, not one.] (00:14:00)

Other mistake: When the woman puts the snake scale under the microscope she doesn't take it out of the bag. She turns on a monitor to view the image; the image when shown is on a different monitor (you can tell by the controls to the right of the image). The image is not a snake scale, it is a marijuana leaf from the Sharf book (his book is in the ending credits). (00:47:15)

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Other mistake: Just before Leon's questioning starts, Holden turns on the VK and the eye monitor censor piece flips out. There is a view from Holden's perspective showing Leon's eye in on the screen, meaning the eye piece has already zoomed in on Leon's eye. Then just after Leon says "Care if I talk?" it cuts to a side angle as he says "I'm kind of nervous when I take tests." This view shows Leon is looking towards the wall at a 90 degree angle away from the VK, meaning the view screen and eye piece could not have been seeing his eye at a frontal view as show in the previous shot. (00:05:15)

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Other mistake: When Rachel shoots Leon through the head, you can see an exit wound on his forehead. When we see him from behind, there is no entry wound or even a sign of any injury on the back of his head.

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Other mistake: When Joanna Cassidy hits Harrison in the neck with the side of her hand, Harrison doesn't react immediately as he should; he reacts, falling backwards, a few seconds after he is hit.


Other mistake: When Deckard is waiting for a seat at the Chinese restaurant, he is reading a newspaper, presumably the day's edition. On it, the main headline reads, "FARMING THE C...MOON AND...WORLD..." Later in the movie, when Deckard is investigating Leon's room at the Yukon, he searches a drawer lined with a newspaper page, all crumpled and having presumably been there for quite a while, stained with some fluorescent oil or such, but he briefly flips it over and it has the exact same headline.

Other mistake: When Deckard puts a photo into a machine that rests on top of a monitor, he then speaks where he wants the camera to go, zoom in, go out, up or down or across, etc. In one instance, he doesn't speak, but the machine works on its own.


Other mistake: When Deckard and Bryant are viewing the interview tape showing Leon's interview at the Tyrell Corp they are shown Leon's replicant statistics. The tape shows Leon's model number: N6MAC41717. This designates Leon as a: Nexus 6, Male, Physical Level: A, Mental Level: B, and an incept date of: April 17, 2017. The incept date shown under his model number is: 10 April, 2017. As Deckard and Bryant continue to watch the tape they see the other replicants: Roy, Zhora and Pris with their individual statistics showing a matching model number to their incept dates. (00:14:50)

Other mistake: The snake scale changes size and shape each time it's seen, it begins as a large hexagonal shape bigger than Deckard's finger tip when he first finds it, it's later seen as a very small triangular shape in the sample bag and it ends up as a guitar plectrum shaped object when he hands it to the street merchant for identification.

Audio problem: Deckard investigates the maker of artificial reptiles; an Abdul somebody. It's obvious that the dialogue was added as neither actor is in sync with the sound. The end of the scene has the storekeeper's voice telling Deckard the information he was seeking while Deckard's mouth is the one moving. Deckard's mouth continues to move even after Abdul's lines are finished and the scene cuts. This has been corrected in the 2007 Final Cut of the film, but exists in all previous versions. (00:48:45)

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Batty: It's not an easy thing to meet your maker.
Tyrell: What could he do for you?
Batty: Can the maker repair what he makes?

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Question: I'm aware that there is debate on whether or not Deckard was a replicant, but as I was watching the movie, I couldn't see any clues as to why anybody would think this. Did I miss something obvious? Why do people think this?

Answer: The two most notable hints are as follows. The first (which is only in the Director's Cut) is that after Deckard dreams of a unicorn, Graf makes an origami unicorn and leaves it at Deckard's apartment. Some people interpret this as suggesting that they're aware of the memories that have been given to Deckard to prevent him realising his true nature. The second hint is that replicant eyes glow in certain lights - at one point in the film, Deckard's eyes can be seen glowing in the same fashion. Ridley Scott has stated on several occasions that, as far as he's concerned, Deckard is a replicant, but he does concede that they deliberately left it as somewhat ambiguous - the viewer should decide for themselves.

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