The Driver

Audio problem: During the underground car park scene Glasses is heard yelling and cursing at The Driver to stop several times, yet whenever the camera is on him while speaking, his lips don't move.

Continuity mistake: As the gray Firebird and red truck charge at each other at the end of the final chase, we see from the red truck's view that the Firebird's two amber front lights are properly mounted below the bumper. But as the car turns toward the ramp, a shot from above the ramp shows the driver-side amber light is hanging loosely by its wire. (01:21:15)


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The Detective: A friend of yours told me where to find you in the middle of the day.
The Driver: I don't have any friends.
The Detective: That's right. No friends. No steady job. No girlfriend. You live real cheap, you never ask any questions... boy, you got it down real tight. So tight that there's no room for anything else. And that's a real sad song. Only trouble is, eh, sad songs ain't sellin' this year. Maybe I'm your friend.

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