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The Driver (1978)

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Corrected entry: In the final chase between the pickup and Firebird, the two cars pass the same Chevrolet Blazer (pale blue with a white top and rear-mounted spare tire) four times. (01:12:50)

Correction: Without seeing the same licence plate more than once, one can't say for sure that it was the same vehicle. There were several of them on the road at the time.

Corrected entry: After the gray Firebird flips over in the final crash, we see from a rear shot that no large pieces of the car are left in the pit between the ramp and the car. But after the bad guys climb out and look around, we see the car's crumpled hood is in the middle of what should be empty space in the pit. (01:21:15)


Correction: The crumpled remains of the hood and fender landed near the far end of the pit on the opposite side of where the car rested, not "in the middle". Thus, the pieces were out of frame during the establishing shots of the wreck, but after the two boys crawled out of the Firebird the camera had pulled back to show all of the pit, including what we couldn't see before.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the bank robbery takes place, a brown Pontiac Firebird can be seen stationary outside the bank door. In the next shot, Robert Ryan pulls up at the bank door in a brown Pontiac Firebird.

Correction: While this is likely an editing error and the car is indeed the getaway car sitting where it shouldn't be, it can be excused by the fact that Pontiac made a whole lot of Firebirds (they were everywhere you looked when new). It's plausible (while perhaps improbable) that the getaway car's twin is waiting for a green light moments before the real getaway car arrived. There is sufficient time for that car to drive away while the one gunman kills the other and grabs the loot prior to the second car's arrival.


Continuity mistake: As the gray Firebird and red truck charge at each other at the end of the final chase, we see from the red truck's view that the Firebird's two amber front lights are properly mounted below the bumper. But as the car turns toward the ramp, a shot from above the ramp shows the driver-side amber light is hanging loosely by its wire. (01:21:15)


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