The Driver

The Driver (1978)

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The Detective kills The Exchange Man on board a passenger train and recovers the stolen money. Teeth steals the locker key from The Player, so The Driver chases him to an industrial warehouse and kills him. Teeth's new driver, The Kid, gives the key back to The Driver, who lets him go unharmed. Returning to the station with The Player, The Driver goes to the locker to recover the clean money, only to find The Detective waiting for him with a line of uniformed officers. However, the bag is empty, The Driver having been cheated by The Exchange Man. The Detective is forced to let The Driver go and is literally left holding the bag.

Continuity mistake: When Ryan is proving his skills with the orange Mercedes, the driver's door mirror is missing before it strikes the water valve, yet is back moments later. (00:36:25)


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The Detective: A friend of yours told me where to find you in the middle of the day.
The Driver: I don't have any friends.
The Detective: That's right. No friends. No steady job. No girlfriend. You live real cheap, you never ask any questions... boy, you got it down real tight. So tight that there's no room for anything else. And that's a real sad song. Only trouble is, eh, sad songs ain't sellin' this year. Maybe I'm your friend.

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