The Little Rascals

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Alfalfa is in the boat and the girl slicks his hair back, there is a shot where Alfalfa's hair is already up. When she kisses him, his hair pops up again.

Continuity mistake: After the Ballet, Alfalfa is being chased by the two bullies and Alfalfa is carrying a handkerchief that Darla gave him. He dives into someone's pool and swims across. When he gets out, he picked up his underwear but the handkerchief is gone. In the race, he has the handkerchief back.

Continuity mistake: When the kids run into the shed to change to their firefighter outfits to fight the clubhouse fire, it is glaringly obvious where they stopped the film and started it again: the sky has changed and is much more dim than when they entered.

Continuity mistake: During the big go cart race, the one of the tyres on the rascal's cart wobbles at times, but not at other times.

Sol Parker

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