The Little Rascals

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The Little Rascals is a movie adaptation of the classic black and white 1922 to 1944 series of short comedy films about a love-sick junior crooner named Alfalfa trying to win the affections of a little girl named Darla while dealing with a pair of bullies, general opposition by his other friends and members of their club, and a rival who is wealthier than him. At times cute and endearing, the language is slightly updated while everything else is very faithful to the old shows and can be very dated. Look out for Mel Brooks, the Olsens as kids, George Wendt, Whoopi Goldberg, Reba McIntyre, Daryl Hannah and even Donald Trump! OK, but with recycled skits and gags. Might appeal to very young children and very nostalgic adults.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Alfalfa is in the boat and the girl slicks his hair back, there is a shot where Alfalfa's hair is already up. When she kisses him, his hair pops up again.

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Suggested correction: Actually Darla pushes his hair down, right before she kisses him.

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A.J. Ferguson: Now the race course is marked off with arrows, and it ends right back here, where it started from.

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Trivia: In the movie, Spanky and Alfalfa's last name are Switzer and McFarland. These were the last names of the actors who originally played them in the 30s.

T Poston
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