Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare (1968)

59 mistakes

Factual error: The Germans in the castle are using Bell 47 helicopters which, apart from being manufactured by the enemy, did not even appear until after the war.

Factual error: The aircraft at the Oberhausen airfield at the end of the field are T-6 texan trainers of the Austrian air-force painted with Luftwaffe markings.

Continuity mistake: When the team is about to jump from the cable car into the river, seen from the cable car, they wait until they get close to the shore. But when they jump, seen from below, the cable car is moving across the river from the far side, and they land in the middle.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: Major Smith forces Carnaby to reveal his true identity by firing a single bullet which fragments the upper section of his chair. Soon after when Smith stands behind Carnaby (revealed as Cartwright Jones) the chair is undamaged.

Continuity mistake: When the team are about to jump from the cable car into the river, the view from ground level shows a bare road with no snow on it on the right and a line of trees on the left with German trucks parked next to them, but the view from the cable car shows a snow-covered road and no trucks beside the trees.

Greg McCreanor

Revealing mistake: After the accident with the German car crashing into the pile of snow in which the Germans were killed, Schaffer first hangs an MP40 on his shoulder and then somehow pulls up a body with only one hand. And with the changing of the grip, (from chest to legs) the 'body' stands on his own feet to give Schaffer the time and opportunity to do it properly.


Other mistake: In the scene where Burton and Eastwood are in the radio room, two grenades are thrown, which blow the main radio room door off the hinges and Burton and Eastwood run behind the small door and hide in that room. The German soldiers then run up and one of them throws another grenade supposedly into the radio room. However, the actor in his attempt to throw the grenade into the room instead throws the grenade into the door and it bounces back into the hallway in which he is standing and lands in front of him, yet no one reacts to this and seconds later we see an explosion as if the grenade had actually gone into the room, but it is really on the floor in front of the door and would have certainly blown the German soldiers to bits.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary and Schaffer are firing the MP-40s from the back of the bus, a shot from outside of the bus shows the rear windshield broken/cracked one way but in the next shot from inside the bus looking out the rear windshield is broken/cracked differently.


Continuity mistake: When Smith and Schaffer intrude on Carnaby's interrogation, the Gestapo officer and Mary are having drinks in the café, where he makes a statement that might reveal a fault in her identity (a location in Dusseldorf). Her hand is fixed on her chin, but the next cut shows her hand fully on her cheek.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Germans are beating down the door to the hallway leading to the cable car, when the door is about to give way, in the clip from inside the door, it is moving a lot under each blow, but when seen from the outside it doesn't move at all.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: When Burton and the others go up the wooden staircase to approach the radio room, an upright beam is already charred by fire, but this wood only catches fire later when Eastwood throws the first grenade back at the Germans.

Greg McCreanor

Continuity mistake: When Eastwood is looking through binoculars at the cable car going up to the castle (the studio model), Burton arrives down the hill and lies beside him and there is no cable car to be seen at the actual castle in the background.

Greg McCreanor

Continuity mistake: When Burton kicks Donald Houston off the cable car, they have been fighting on the side of the cable car. However, the next shot of Houston falling shows him falling from the front of it.

Greg McCreanor

Continuity mistake: When Burton and Eastwood jump from the cable car into the river, Burton jumps before Eastwood. However, the next shot downward has the Eastwood stuntman landing in the river first with the Burton stuntman still above him. We know it's Burton because of the bandaged hand.

Greg McCreanor

Continuity mistake: When Smith fires at the last German Kübelwagen chasing his team on the Oberhausen airfield runway, the scene alternates between two perspectives of Smith firing from the bus's engine cover: One from the front, the other from his backside. In each of these alternating shots, Smith holds the front part of his MP40 in a different grip.


Continuity mistake: After looking at the Castle, Smith sends Shaffer back to the others to tell them to stay behind the tree line and he goes to the radio to contact London. When he turns to go to the radio his MP40 has the butt extended, but when he gets to the radio it's folded back again.

Plot hole: When Smith and Shaffer take the gondola up to the castle, they step down on the roof of the car with heavy steps. It is completely unrealistic that the Germans inside did not hear them.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: When Richard Burton walks over the square where the helicopter is, he salutes a soldier. An officer NEVER salutes first one with a lower rank. And surely not in Germany.

Paul Moortgat

Continuity mistake: Smith puts on one glove just before he hops onto the cable car with the two German spies. The next shot shows him with two gloves on.

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Continuity mistake: When Schaffer and Smith commandeer a motorcycle and sidecar, one shot shows the MP-40 slung over Schaffer's neck and laying across his lap, while in the next shot it is slung over left shoulder and hanging down his side.