Where Eagles Dare

Stupidity: Why does Lt Schaffer attempt to sneak up on the German radio operator? The radio operator has his back to him and is distracted with the music from his radio so Schaffer easily has enough time to run up behind him and kill him before he raises the alarm. (01:41:30)

Stupidity: Why does Smith even take along the traitors to begin with, instead of simply killing them outright? He got the information from them he wanted. He didn't need them for anything else. Was it to make them stand trial instead of summarily executing them? Even after he's killed dozens of other people for less? But on the other hand, you wouldn't have had the excuse for the gondola fight that was a film highlight.

Stupidity: Why didn't the Major turn the gondola around rather than jump onboard and confront the spies?

Stupidity: Major Smith takes an incredibly unnecessary risk in the tavern by telling an officer that he is Himmler's brother. Heinrich Himmler was chief of the SS and news of his brother's presence in the tavern would have spread like wildfire, especially amongst the SS and Gestapo officers who would have wanted to come and say hello, potentially exposing the group. The group eventually gave themselves up in the tavern but revealing himself as Himmler's brother could have got Smith caught before he had time to get out to the woodshed to meet Mary and Heidi. (00:36:13 - 00:36:50)

Continuity mistake: When the team are about to jump from the cable car into the river, the view from ground level shows a bare road with no snow on it on the right and a line of trees on the left with German trucks parked next to them, but the view from the cable car shows a snow-covered road and no trucks beside the trees. (02:06:00)

Greg McCreanor

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SS-Standartenführer Kramer: Let me remind you, Major, I'm a colonel in the SS and not a lieutenant who you can frighten with your threats.
SS-Sturmbannführer Von Hapen: Your military rank and position are obvious to me, Colonel, and so are your attempts to discredit me with superiors in Berlin.
SS-Standartenführer Kramer: If there is any discredit, you bring it upon yourself. Good night.

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Trivia: When Mary goes undercover in the castle, her name is Maria Schenck. They are the middle names of Col Stauffenberg, the German officer played by Tom Cruise in Valkyrie, who tried to kill Hitler.

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Question: When Richard Burton is holding his gun on all the people in the meeting and asks if one of the guards could come in and watch them, why doesn't the guard just shoot him?

Answer: When the guard comes in, Burton explains what's going on. Also he is dressed as a German officer so his explanation and actions are plausible.

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