Where Eagles Dare

Factual error: The Germans in the castle are using Bell 47 helicopters which, apart from being manufactured by the enemy, did not even appear until after the war.

Factual error: The aircraft at the Oberhausen airfield at the end of the field are T-6 texan trainers of the Austrian air-force painted with Luftwaffe markings.

Factual error: In the flashback scene where the commandos are being briefed on their mission, they are told that General Carmody was on his way to a meeting with Russian officers on Crete. Hardly the best place for a meeting between the Allies since Crete was then under German occupation.

Factual error: As the coach moves through the village near the end of the film, it drives past a tracked vehicle. The vehicle is a Hotchkiss LPz, a type of armoured personnel carrier not produced until the 1960s.

Factual error: When Richard Burton walks over the square where the helicopter is, he salutes a soldier. An officer NEVER salutes first one with a lower rank. And surely not in Germany.

Paul Moortgat
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Suggested correction: Watch the DVD carefully at 1:14:14. The German soldier walking the dog salutes first and Richard Burton returns the salute.

Factual error: When Lt. Schaffer is sneaking up on the German soldier, in the radio room in the castle, you see and hear the soldier changing radio station channels. Most of the music you hear playing on the radio is distinctly a 1960s style easy listening music and not 1940s music.

Factual error: Smith has the books with names in his pocket when he goes into the water, jumping from the cable car. When he shows the books to Turner, they are in perfect shape. They should have been waterlogged or at least showed some sign of water damage.

Factual error: Schaffer and Smith are captured and the Nazis are taking them away in a car. After some fighting, the car crashes. While the Nazis fly through the vehicle's windshield, our heroes sit like they had seatbelts, which they didn't.

Factual error: Near the end the Germans have to blow a tree in two pieces but the snow on the road is still there, not affected by the blast. And later when the first K├╝belwagen is passing the gap for the chase there are already tracks from other takes.

Paul Moortgat

Factual error: When General Rosemeyer steps out of the helicopter in the courtyard, he salutes Colonel Kramer. Colonel Kramer then returns the salute. A senior officer would never salute a more junior officer first. (00:28:25)

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