Where Eagles Dare

Continuity mistake: When Burton and the others go up the wooden staircase to approach the radio room, an upright beam is already charred by fire, but this wood only catches fire later when Eastwood throws the first grenade back at the Germans.

Greg McCreanor

Continuity mistake: When Burton kicks Donald Houston off the cable car, they have been fighting on the side of the cable car. However, the next shot of Houston falling shows him falling from the front of it.

Greg McCreanor

Continuity mistake: When Smith is rapelling out of the castle and nearing the bottom, Jones/Carnaby is to the left of Smith but in the next shot he is to the right of Smith. (01:56:50)


Other mistake: In the scene where Smith and Schaffer are riding with the SS in the staff car, after the car hits the snow bank, Smith picks up the SS Colonel and puts him back in the car. The Colonel is wearing a Major's collar tabs.

Continuity mistake: After looking at the Castle, Smith sends Shaffer back to the others to tell them to stay behind the tree line and he goes to the radio to contact London. When he turns to go to the radio his MP40 has the butt extended, but when he gets to the radio it's folded back again.

Other mistake: When Richard Burton is removing the light bulbs to darken the cable car as it approaches the German gunnery team, he screws them clockwise instead of counterclockwise. He is never shown actually removing the bulbs nor do they darken as he is "loosening" them.


Continuity mistake: When Schaffer climbs the rope into the castle, he reaches the top of the rope, grabs the window sill and starts to pull himself in. It then cuts to inside the room where Schaffer can be seen outside holding on to the top of the rope and then grabs the window sill to pull himself in, again.

Factual error: Schaffer and Smith are captured and the Nazis are taking them away in a car. After some fighting, the car crashes. While the Nazis fly through the vehicle's windshield, our heroes sit like they had seatbelts, which they didn't.

Plot hole: When Smith and Schaffer are entering the castle via a rope Mary has lowered for them, Smith stops halfway up to look through a large window. Clearly visible through this window are the faces of at least two soldiers with others in the background. It is inconceivable that not one of them would notice: A) the rope suddenly dangling outside; B) Smith's solid frame as he stares in at them; C) Schaffer scrambling up the rope after Smith; or D) the rope bouncing around while Schaffer drags it in along with the attached backpack. (01:10:00)

Continuity mistake: During this sequence at the radio transmitter in Admiral Rolland's headquarters, whilst the Admiral is attempting to regain contact with Smith, Colonel Turner is seen in the background, smoking. At the beginning of the sequence, one shot shows him holding a cigarette between the fingers of his right hand. After a cut back to the Admiral, the next shot shows Turner holding the cigarette in the fingers of his left hand. (00:53:10)

Plot hole: In one scene, the heroes of the film (i.e. Burton, Eastwood and others) locked themselves up in the cable car control room within the castle. The pursuing Germans wasted valuable time trying to break down the heavy wooden door of the control room with axes. Why didn't the Germans use grenades or other explosives? They could have instantly blown open even the sturdiest wooden door.

Continuity mistake: At Oberhausen Airfield we see the plane land in clear skies. But when the bus seconds later drives through the fence, it is cloudy and foggy. (01:50:25)

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they all jump from the sky tram into the water after escaping from the castle, we see the blonde woman (Mary) swim to shore. As she gets out, her hair is absolutely soaked and matted to her head. When the angle of the camera changes, we see her only this time, he hair is almost perfect and only slightly damp and is actually blowing in the soft breeze.

Continuity mistake: As the stolen bus ploughs through the German airfield Smith yells to Schaffer, "Take out the control tower," so Schaffer and Mary point their guns high and start firing. There is a long shot of bullets strafing the control tower, glass shattering and the traffic controller falling backwards as he is hit. It is followed by a quick close-up of him in perfect health, shouting into his radio, then being mowed down by the stream of bullets. (02:20:00)

Continuity mistake: When Major Smith and the others have completed their parachute jump, they find Sgt. Harod dead in the snow. Major Smith says at first Harod broke his neck on landing, but later said to his trusted comrades Harod was murdered after landing. Since he was murdered by a member of the landing party there would be tell-tale footprints of the murderer in the virgin snow around Harod's body, but there are no footprints around him at all.

Character mistake: Before entering the tavern,Smith tells the team to meet outside in a 1/2 hour. When they are sitting at the table just before capture, he says he gave orders for nobody to leave.

Continuity mistake: In her castle room, Mary lays all the sticks of dynamite on their sides in the suitcase. When Smith opens the suitcase in the meeting room after they got the names of the spies, the dynamite is now standing on end.

Plot hole: How could Colonel Turner both be in London during the mission and in the pick-up plane? A Juncker can fly approx 220 km/h. It is approx. 1200 km from London to Southern Bavaria. That means that Colonel Turner would have had to leave London 5½ hours before the pick-up. The team does definitely not spend 5½ hours from the last time we see Colonel Turner in London until the pick-up.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: The stub of the tree which is cut down by an explosion during the bus escape is very even and clearly cut with a saw.

Jacob La Cour

Deliberate mistake: Smith and the team come down the mountain and into the village at dusk, yet it is light out during the entire movie.

SS-Standartenführer Kramer: Let me remind you, Major, I'm a colonel in the SS and not a lieutenant who you can frighten with your threats.
SS-Sturmbannführer Von Hapen: Your military rank and position are obvious to me, Colonel, and so are your attempts to discredit me with superiors in Berlin.
SS-Standartenführer Kramer: If there is any discredit, you bring it upon yourself. Good night.

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Trivia: The idea of helicopters was not necessarily new in WW2, but effective designs were not made until after the war; there is evidence from some literary sources (one of them being a book named "German Secret Weapons of WW2" or something like that) that the Germans did indeed conduct experiments and designs on this vehicle type.

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