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Corrected entry: VHS Version Only: During "On the Run", you see a man being attacked by dogs. You can easily see a white cast/protector on his arm where the dog bites him.

Correction: The song "On the Run" doesn't appear in the film. If you're referring to "Run like Hell", this mistake is already listed on the site.

Corrected entry: As the jackbooted thugs march in a tunnel with Pink at the head, between the drug overdose and the fascist rally, they march left right left right. The visions cuts and the sound continues, left right left right. Cut back to the boots and now they are right left right left, one step out of time with the constant marching sound.

Correction: These are drug-induced visions, and scenes cutting back and forth to different moments in time. We are not watching continuous shots or events.


Corrected entry: When Pink is giving his Hammer speech after "Comfortably Numb", you can see a choir member and a bodyguard behind him anticipate the explosion when he says, "I'd have all of you shot." (01:15:35)

Correction: Of course, because the bodyguard and the choir member know that there's going to be an explosion, that's why they anticipate it. All the people we see after "Comfortably Numb" are in "The Wall" just like Pink - they know Pink's intentions, and they know what he's going to do. That's why we see them anticipating the explosion.

Corrected entry: Pink's father is killed when the bunker he was occupying was bombed. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense the next time we see Pink's father because the only injuries he seems to have are head injuries, no burns at all. Also, the bunker looks like it wasn't bombed at all, it wasn't burnt or flaming the next time we see it.

Correction: Perhaps a near miss killed Pink's father either through debris or shrapnel impact (the head injury) or by the blast effect which can leave virtually no external physical signs at all?

Corrected entry: During "One of my turns" Pink has his hand bandaged before he cuts it on the window glass. Later, when he actually cuts it on the glass, the bandage is gone. He had actually cut it in an earlier take and the hand impaled on the glass was later written into the scene.

Correction: When he throws the TV out of the window (and screams "Next time, fuckers") we see the bandage in his hand. We see the TV crashed in the street. Then we see the hand with blood, with no bandage. But when we see the TV crashed we stop seeing Pink and he had more than enough time to take out the bandage. Also, the bandage could have easly fell off when he throws the TV, due to all that movement in the hand.

Corrected entry: Pink throws the TV out of the window. Then it re-appears and he smashes it with a guitar. We even see him make the trashed TV a part of his surreal garbage-mosaic. But the TV is still intact later in the movie, and it is the exact same model.

Correction: No, it's not the same TV. The one that he breaks with his guitar is not the same one as when he throws one out the window (you will need to pause to see it). We see that Pink has three TVs: one appears in "The Thin Ice" which he throws out the window. The other is in "Another Brick in the Wall (part III)", which he breaks with his guitar and makes it part of his garbage mosaic. And the last one he sees in "Nobody Home". The models are similar, but the TV is NOT the same one. Being a rock star, it is normal that Pink has several TVs in his apartment.

Corrected entry: The shot of Mother when young Pinky is asking a girl to dance reveals the "mask" on the curtains behind her.

Correction: Yes, because "The Wall" starts to appear in his life since he was a child. The mask represents the Wall.

Corrected entry: When the young Pink finds his father's service revolver and ammunition in his mother's bedroom, the ammunition has a metal jacket (i.e. the actual "bullet" part has a brass casing over it). When he dishes them out to his friends in the railway embankment the rounds are ordinary lead rounds without the brass casing.

Correction: Yes, but there is a plausible reason. We see Pink looking at the bullets with brass casing, but then he puts them away. Then we see Pink dressed as his father. Between those two shots he could have found more bullets in the bedroom, which are of the other type, and those are the ones he uses in the railway.

Corrected entry: When Pink throws the T.V. out the window before he cuts his hand, he mouths "Take that, f**kers.", but we hear "Next time, f**kers."

Correction: No, he is actually screaming "Next time, f**kers," which is obvious when played in slow motion.

Corrected entry: The direction of the merry-go-round changes just before young Pink is put on it.

Correction: Yes, but when we see the man and young Pink, and when he says "She's gone to the shops" we stop seeing the merry-go-round. The next time we see it, the direction's changed, but it had enough time to change it, but we didn't see it.

Corrected entry: Pink calls home (England) from America using an operator service, but her doesn't dial enough digits for it to be a UK phone call.

Correction: Right, but this has a reason. When the digits are dialed, we can hear that they start to fade out. At the end of the dial it is difficult to hear any of the digits but they are dialed (if you listen carefully). The digits are all dialed, but we can't hear them because Pink starts to enter "The Wall".

Corrected entry: When Pink shouts out of the broken hotel window and supposedly cuts his hands on the broken glass in the frame, you can see the blood on his hands before he reaches the window.

Correction: Yes, because he already hurt his hand with all the stuff he broke before, the broken glass only hurt him some more.

Corrected entry: Pink's only line of dialogue that is not from a Pink Floyd song is "Next time, fuckers," screeched from the window of his hotel room after he trashed it.

Correction: Young Pink has several lines of dialogue that are not from Pink Floyd songs, and 'Next time, fuckers' is Bob Geldof's only non-song line of dialogue.

Corrected entry: During the book burning scene on the video the film crew is clearly seen among the rioting students.

Correction: Actually, I've seen that scene more than five times and all I see is teachers and kids. There are not crew members.

Corrected entry: The Junkers JU87 Stuka that bombs the positions at Anzio, killing Pink's father, is painted in the wrong camouflage colours (desert 'flash' instead of green and grey) for Europe and won't do much damage anyway; it is not carrying a bomb.

Correction: Not sure about the camo but the Stuka does have a bomb. It's the bomb shaped thing hanging under the fuselage as show at 00:08:52 on the DVD.

Continuity mistake: During "Comfortably Numb," the wad of cash shoved into the hotel manager's top pocket by Pink's manager disappears and reappears between shots.

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Pink: Take that, fuckers.

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Trivia: At a few points, a World War II film is on the television in Pink's hotel room. The film is "The Dam Busters," (1954) and audio clips from the film can also be heard on the album "The Wall."

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Question: What is the picture on Pink's wall (about 33 minutes in) that some people claim is an Obama Hope poster?

Answer: It's a portrait of Bob Dylan by Andy Warhol.

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