Pink Floyd The Wall

Pink Floyd (in this movie, one person) has had nothing short of a hard life. His father died seven months before his birth, in World War II, prompting the poor baby to be overprotected by his mother until his venture away from the home. This leads him to build a mental wall to isolate himself from the world and protect him from being hurt. He becomes a rock star, but totally ignores his wife. After his wife cheats on him, Pink blames her, goes crazy on a groupie, and finishes the wall. However, he learns too late that isolation is not the answer.


Revealing mistake: During "Run Like Hell", when Pink's followers set an attack dog loose on an innocent man in the alleyway, the foam protective sleeve is visible on the victim's arm.

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Pink: Is there anybody out there?

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Trivia: After "Comfortably Numb", Pink transforms into the "Hammer" leader, which in fact is a reference to the Nazis.

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Question: What is the picture on Pink's wall (about 33 minutes in) that some people claim is an Obama Hope poster?

Answer: It's a portrait of Bob Dylan by Andy Warhol.

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