Pink Floyd The Wall

Trivia: After "Comfortably Numb", Pink transforms into the "Hammer" leader, which in fact is a reference to the Nazis.

Trivia: At a few points, a World War II film is on the television in Pink's hotel room. The film is "The Dam Busters," (1954) and audio clips from the film can also be heard on the album "The Wall."

Trivia: Pink is in the bathroom stall crying, and reading from his songbook. He reads, "Do you remember me? How we used to be? Do you thing we should be closer?" That is from the song, "Your Possible Pasts" off of "The Final Cut" album, which was released a year after the movie.

Trivia: When Pink is in the bathroom (the last time we see it), dressed as the Hammer leader, he is reading some poems. Before he reads "Stop, I wanna go home.", he's reading parts of "The Final Cut", an album of Pink Floyd which came after of "The Wall".

Trivia: Bob Geldof's only line in the film that is not a Pink Floyd lyric is "Next time, fuckers."

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