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Joy Ride (2001)

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Corrected entry: When the two brothers are being chased by the trucker, right after the truck smashes through the ice truck, the hub cap on the car comes off, but later in the movie the hub cap is shown back on the car.

Correction: After that scene in the movie, it shows the brothers getting their car fixed, so they probably got their hub cap replaced.

Corrected entry: After stealing the truck to search for room 17 in the motels they have a hard time starting the engine. However they stop the engine each time they pull in in from of a motel, even though they are in quite a hurry.

Correction: While they are running from motel to motel, they never stop the car. They always just jump out of the car, then get back in.

Corrected entry: When discussing the range of the CB radio, Fuller says that it has a range of five miles; however earlier in the film they received a report on air that the road was clear of "Bears" for the following 40 miles.

Correction: That doesn't mean the people who were talking to them 40 miles away. they are just warning them that there are no police in the next 40 miles.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are reading the signs on the highway, that say "look" "in" "the Trunk", the last sign is a rest area sign with nothing on it, they cut back to the sign in the next frame and it says "lewis" spray painted on it.

Correction: The last "rest area" sign does indeed have "lewis" written on it, it's just so quick that it's hard to see.

Continuity mistake: The antenna of the CB radio switches sides on the car continuously.

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Rusty Nail: I was just playing.

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Trivia: Eric Stoltz was nearly cast for the role of "Rusty Nail", but director John Dahl felt Stoltz didn't sound scary and intense enough so the part was given to Dahl's first choice, Ted Levine.

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