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Corrected entry: When Venna is tied up to the chair notice that the tape winds around her whole head, but when she comes out of the room her hair is perfect and not messed up at all.

Correction: As in another correction, this is not tape, but plastic wrap. It is not adhesive, so it can just be pulled/stretched off of her head without messing her hair.

Corrected entry: When Lewis and Fuller hear Rusty Nail on the radio asking for Black Sheep and Mama's Boy and realize he knows they are behind the prank, Fuller calls Rusty Nail "Russell" on the CB. Nowhere in the movie/additional scenes/commentary is the name "Russell" mentioned as a name for Rusty Nail. Anyway, how would they know Rusty Nail's real name, if that's what "Russell" was supposed to be? (00:32:30)

Correction: Character mistake at best. You're assuming Russell is the real name for Rusty Nail, we don't know that. On a CB radio, it is very easy to mis-hear something being said as most of them are notorious for static, and garbled messages. They are a low powered radio, with not much transmission distance.

Corrected entry: When Lewis And Fuller pull up at the motel both of the headlights are working, but when the man reverses his car, in the long shot, the left front headlight is out. (00:15:15 - 00:16:35)


Correction: Not so. The grille and lights of the Newport are recessed into the front of the car. The shot mentioned shows the car from far to the car's left so that the left light isn't visible (blocked by the car's fender/bumper). However, the glow of this headlight is quite obviously showing that it is working. No mistake.


Corrected entry: When Fuller decides to get rid of the CB radio, he chucks it out the window, you can see a road guard, that was not there in previous shots. (00:46:10)


Correction: The guard rail is lower than the height of the car door, so it can't be seen from inside the car at the angle used, and our view is from inside the car for at least 20 seconds before the exterior shot - plenty of time for the rail to start.


Corrected entry: Close to the end when Fuller is hotwiring the Ford, the guy who offers to help, comes up to the truck, and Lewis is talking to him, in a far away shot, you see Lewis look at Fuller when the truck starts, then it cuts to a shot inside the truck and Lewis looks at Fuller again. (01:14:15)


Correction: Lewis repeatedly turns from Fuller to the bystander over and over, and there is a close-up shot of Fuller twisting the wires together that is long enough for Lewis' head to turn back to the bystander in time for us to see him to turn to Fuller again. No mistake.


Corrected entry: Just after the ice truck gets smashed through by Rusty Nail, you can see Lewis and Fuller zoom away in their car. Rusty Nail's truck passes under the wooden frame with ease, but in the following shot when Fuller looks behind, you can see the truck destroy the wooden frame. (00:41:15)


Correction: Not so. The earlier shot shows that the tractor passes under the frame, and the frame becomes obscured somewhat by the exhaust smoke, but just before the shot ends, the frame is hit by the forward edge of the trailer. Then the shot changes twice and we then see the frame coming apart due to this hit. No error.


Corrected entry: The brothers get their tail light bulb replaced at the service station (after the truck smashes them into the tree). Later on, when they are turning onto the dirt road to go to the cornfield, the light is out again. (01:08:05)

Correction: The bulb was out, then replaced, then went out again. Considering the age of the car, it isn't surprising that there is an electrical short blowing the same bulb over and over.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the police drop Lewis and Fuller back off at the Lone Star Motel, Lewis and Fuller are in the back. They then proceed to open the doors from the inside. In reality, police crusers do not open from the inside. If they did, prisoners would be able to escape from the car.

Correction: This is untrue. Many jurisdictions have police cars that are nothing more than standard four-door sedans, with no added police gear at all. Prisoner partitions, inoperable locks and other items are and aren't used, depending on the needs and budgets of a specific police organization. I personally owned a retired Ford patrol car from a town in Pennsylvania, and it had no partition and the rear windows and locks all worked normally.


Correction: Not so. The power is controlled by the rotary volume knob, not the switch above it (which is for the NB/ANL function, shown turned off).


Corrected entry: During Lewis and Fuller's first driving scene, the lock on Lewis' car door changes from locked to unlocked many times.

Correction: This never happens. Lewis' shoulder moves around so that we see more or less of the knob from moment to moment, but its height is never different (compare it to the top edge of door behind the knob to confirm this).


Corrected entry: After Fuller has his leg impaled by the pipe, only the very tip of it has blood on it. If an object goes through your body, the tip is not going to be the only thing with blood on it.

Correction: Fuller is also wearing pants, and as the pipe passes through the fabric, it is wiped clean.


Corrected entry: During the cornfield scene, where Rusty Nail is chasing Venna, Fuller and Lewis, the trailer is there when the truck passes their car, then it repeatedly appears and disappears, and at the end it is gone.

Correction: If you look closely as the truck is approaching it does actually look like a trailer on the back, but its not, its a large black object attached to the back of the truck.


Corrected entry: When Fuller and Lewis find out they are being followed by Rusty Nail, Rusty Nail tells them their left tail light is out. But later on when they're bashed up against a tree trying to start their car, it shows the back of the car and the RIGHT tail light is out and the left is on.

Correction: Rusty nail doesn't say "Your Left Tail-light", all he says is "Your Tail-light", therefore not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Lewis is trying to open the door of the room where Vena is in the door handle is on the left side, but when they show the door from the inside the handle is on the left side too, so it is certainly a different door.

Correction: When they showed Lewis opening the door it showed the door knob on the right side and on the inside it showed the left side. It may look like its on the left side because the scene switches back and forth quickly.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Fuller's leg is pierced by a pipe, the pipe goes from being bent to not being bent several times.

Correction: The pipe on the first scene was not bent because he had just fell on it and is not visible. When it shows him on the fence it shows it was bent at the end of the pipe.

Corrected entry: In the scene where "Rusty Nail" calls the police from the motel room, he only dials "911" on the telephone. However, as he was in a motel which most certainly has a PABX (telephone system) he would have been required to dial the code to get an outside line first meaning he should have dialed "9-911". (01:16:59)

Correction: Actually, there are some motels with phones that don't require a 9 for outside lines. Also, there are many of those that do that still allow a simple "911". It'd be quite a pain to have to remember to dial "9-911" as an emergency is occurring...

Corrected entry: Venna was taped to a chair inside the motel room, but the next scene with her in it (maybe 15 seconds or so later) shows her out of the room and completely free from the tape. There's no way the cops could've gotten the skin-tight tape off of her so quickly.

Correction: It wasn't tape, it was a giant roll of plastic/saran wrap.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the Cornfield scene, the flashing lights of a police car are visible in the background. No police come to the rescue in this scene, however, despite the truck chase and burning car...

Correction: This is most likely the lights of Rusty Nail's truck coming at them, because if you ever see a car at night going over bumps on the road, it looks like they are flashing

Corrected entry: When they park the car at the cornfield and the get out of the car, they slam the doors. You see the leftside of the car. In the next scene (you see the front of the car), the door at the driver's side is open. In the next shot (again you see the left of the car) the door is closed again.

Correction: The door is always closed, it just looks like its open because of the huge dent in the drivers door from when rusty nail pushed them into a tree

Corrected entry: If the cops at the end kicked open every door in the hotel, why didn't they kick open Vena's?

Correction: They didn't kick it open because Fuller was shouting at them not to open the door. They must have wanted to be cautious about what was behind it.

Continuity mistake: After Fuller and his brother get the CB put on their car, they head out on the highway. You can see that the film has been reversed. The yellow line are on the right side of the road, and Paul Walker and the steering wheel are on the right side of the car. (00:11:15)

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Fuller Thomas: Do what I do. Just remind yourself that in a hundred years you're gonna be dead. It's the closest thing I've got to a philosophy.

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Trivia: Eric Stoltz was nearly cast for the role of "Rusty Nail", but director John Dahl felt Stoltz didn't sound scary and intense enough so the part was given to Dahl's first choice, Ted Levine.

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Answer: For Fuller and Lewis, the best assumption is that he never actually left the first motel. He stayed at or near the motel, followed them to the police station, and then continued following them up untill the point where he makes his presence to them known again. Or he also could have just parked his rig somewhere far down the road and waited for their car to pass him, and at which point he would start following them. And for Charlotte, he probably just followed Fuller and Lewis all the way to the college, saw Charlotte, and then kidnapped her while she was leaving.

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