Joy Ride

Continuity mistake: On the DVD, you can watch the "Original Ending". In this version, Fuller ends up in a cop jacket and hat right before and during the corn field scene. In a shot from the actual ending, you can see Fuller wearing the jacket and hat...but it's only for about 5 seconds. I guess they forgot to edit it out when they changed the endings. (01:10:15)

Continuity mistake: After Fuller and his brother get the CB put on their car, they head out on the highway. You can see that the film has been reversed. The yellow line are on the right side of the road, and Paul Walker and the steering wheel are on the right side of the car. (00:11:15)

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where the 2 brothers' car is pinned against a tree by the truck, and the driver's door window is shattered, spraying safety glass inside (I used to work at a bodyshop, and that gets everywhere). In the next scene, the window is shown shattered/cracked but is up fully in the window channel.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the opening scene, when Lewis takes out the plane ticket, his hand/fingers on the ticket change between the first and second shot. (00:03:25)


Continuity mistake: Look closely at Fuller's hair in the concluding scenes. At times, he is wearing a very obvious wig; at others, his own hair. This is because some portions of these scenes were shot after Steve Zahn had his head shaved for another movie he was acting in.


Continuity mistake: After Lewis picks up Fuller, they are driving along a highway. The shots of Lewis show that the top of his door is damaged so that a large black gap arches from the front of the door to the back. The outer skin is obviously deformed (compare the top of Fuller's door for what it looks like undamaged). After Lewis pulls over, shots of him show his door is now fine. (00:07:55)


Continuity mistake: In the DVD with the other endings, when the boys are in the restaurant naked Venna beeps the horn and they run out. Later on after chasing the truck and the car flips, you hear Charlotte scream and Venna runs back into the car. Look carefully at the CB radio. When Venna picks it up it says 18 but then you see another view of it and it says 19.

Continuity mistake: When Fuller, his brother, and Venna are riding down the highway and they see the signs to look in the truck, the moon changes from being on the passenger's side to being on the motorist's side.

Continuity mistake: At that one scene where Fuller limps into the office of the motel, it is raining heavily. Inside the office his shirt is wet, but his hair is dry.

Continuity mistake: When Lewis and Fuller are being chased by Rusty Nail just after their encounter with the ice guy, you can see one of their hubcaps come off the front/left side of their car, but it has reappeared in the very next exterior shot and is there throughout the rest of the movie. (00:41:25)


Continuity mistake: When we see Fuller and Lewis are together in the car, Fuller pulls out a receipt from the glove box and holds it on the side, yet in the following shot he is holding the receipt at the top. (00:07:35)


Continuity mistake: When Fuller and Lewis are sitting in the car, when looking out Fuller's window there is no large mountain in the background, for several shots, then suddenly a big mountain appears in the background. (00:07:55)


Continuity mistake: After the ice truck driver chases Lewis to return his credit card, he approached his car and Lewis opened the window. In the next scene, Lewis gets out of the car and his window is in the up position. There was not enough time for him to put up the window.

Continuity mistake: When Lewis and Fuller are in the car, as Lewis swerves the car onto the dirt, there is silver car or SUV, but when the car comes to a stop, a red 4x4 carrying a trailer drives past. There wasn't sufficient time for the silver car to pass. (00:08:35)


Continuity mistake: Just after Lewis and Fuller pick up the CB radio, you can see that Lewis is resting his arm on the back of the front seat, but in one of the following shots if you look closely he has his arm next to him, and in the next few shots its back on the seat then when Fuller punches him he puts his hand on the steering wheel. (00:11:05)


Continuity mistake: When Lewis and Fuller go to rescue Venna from the motel room, at one point, Lewis goes around back and looks in the window. He sees Venna with the tape around her, and it shows a quick shot of her from his view, and the tape is extremly loose.

Continuity mistake: In the crop scene, when Lewis, Fuller and Venna turn when they hear the truck coming, in one shot the truck is pulling out to take over the car, about 5 seconds later he's taking over the car again. (01:07:00)


Continuity mistake: When in the hotel room waiting for Rusty to arrive and knock on the angry man's room, Lewis is on the phone with the front desk. The phone is on the nightstand facing him. The scene shifts to Fuller, but when the camera shifts back to Lewis again, the phone is turned to face the other bed. (00:41:00)

Continuity mistake: When Rusty Nail has the car pinned up against the tree, his truck breaks the windows. The driver's side window is completely broken in one shot, however when Rusty leaves, the window is shattered but largely intact.


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Fuller Thomas: Do what I do. Just remind yourself that in a hundred years you're gonna be dead. It's the closest thing I've got to a philosophy.

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Trivia: Eric Stoltz was nearly cast for the role of "Rusty Nail", but director John Dahl felt Stoltz didn't sound scary and intense enough so the part was given to Dahl's first choice, Ted Levine.

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Question: Could someone please explain the ending of this movie? Am I right when I conclude that Rusty Nail planted the Ice Truck guy's body in the driver's seat and then got away leaving cops to think the Ice Truck guy was the killer? I think I'm missing something here because that ending would be ridiculously unrealistic. Thank you.

Jeanne Perrotta

Chosen answer: That's exactly what happened leaving room for the sequel, if they make one.

T Poston

But the kidnapped girl-Charlotte-would have told the police what Rusty Nail did and what he looked like. And, since Rusty Nail would have fled on foot, he would have been easy to find. Also, in order to pull off this stunt, Rusty Nail would have needed to find a way to floor the gas pedal. Finally, it would be easy for the police to identify who owned the truck Rusty Nail crashed into the motel. He either owned it or the owner of the truck knew who was driving it.

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