Big Daddy

Continuity mistake: When Adam Sandler is shopping with the little boy throwing the cans on the ground, they change place every shot.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny and Layla are reading Julian the bedtime story, Julian's position on the pillows changes during the changing of the angles of the camera.

Audio problem: At the park, when Sonny is talking to his two friends, Julian throws a stick in the path of a rollerblader. The scene closes with a laughing Julian proud of the fact that he tripped the poor rollerblader. We hear the blader (off-screen) yell out "G**d**n stick!" This is clearly Adam Sandler's voice (most likely dubbed in during post-production).

Continuity mistake: In the courtroom scene, Julian and Sonny embrace in a hug with Sonny's right hand over his left hand behind Julian. As they speak to one another the camera angle changes and shows Sonny's left hand on top of his right.

Revealing mistake: When Sonny puts the newspaper over the puddle of milk, notice it doesn't get wet at all. Newspaper very obviously gets wet when exposed to liquids.


Continuity mistake: When Sonny is giving Julian a bath, in the shots where Julian is closest to the camera, you can see a wide gap between the bath and the camera and even the side of the bath tub, as if it's in the middle of the room. In the shots behind Sonny, the bath is right next to a brick wall.


Sonny: What, you want a father figure? Stop pulling your sister's hair.

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Trivia: Julian was played by twins Cole and Dylan. You can tell which twin is in a scene as Cole has a mole on his left cheek which is paticularly visible in close up.

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