Big Daddy

Question: Which twin is playing the part of Julian when he is getting taken away from Sonny?

Answer: Cole.

Question: When Sonny and Layla are in the Laundry, why does Layla put coins in 3 different washing machines? I'm guessing it's because she has a lot of laundry but that would have to be a lot of clothes to wash in one go.

Joe Mc

Chosen answer: I used to have to use the local laundromat and I would use anywhere from four to six machines at once. When you have to leave your home to do laundry you tend to put it off as long as possible. She's also probably separating the different types - light, dark, delicates, etc.


Question: When Mr. Brooks states that Sonny lied about being Kevin Gerrity to get custody of Julian, he says it's a big problem in this state. Why do so many people do that in New York (as opposed to other places)?

Answer: Maybe I'm misinterpreting the line, but I thought "big problem" in this context meant that the state would aggressively pursue criminal charges against Sonny for his actions, as in it's his big problem to deal with now.


But in that context, wouldn't it be a "big" / serious problem in any state? I can't imagine that most states would be easy-going about it. He seems to mean that it happens a lot in New York, but I might be wrong.

Other states would certainly be aggressive in that situation, but given that Mr. Brooks is an employee of the state of New York, he could just be emphasizing how much trouble Sonny is in.


Fair enough. Sonny might have thought that it was OK for him to pretend to be Kevin, since he is good friends with the real Kevin.

Mr. Brooks was being facetious by specifically saying "big problem in THIS STATE." Obviously Sonny knows what he did was very wrong and illegal. It would be like if you were driving in a different state and didn't stop at a stop sign. The cop might say "I know in your home state the stop signs are optional but here in Texas you're required to stop at the sign."

Continuity mistake: When Karin is in the grocery store, and puts an ice pack on Julian's hand, it is with the back facing up, but when it cuts back, the bag is facing with the front up.

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Nazo: This is bullshit! Should have same rules for everyone, no matter what age.

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Trivia: Julian was played by twins Cole and Dylan. You can tell which twin is in a scene as Cole has a mole on his left cheek which is paticularly visible in close up.

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